"Hello, Boss?" - Vinegar Doppio speaking to Diavolo using a Frog (Vinegā Doppio, ヴィネガー・ドッピオ)


The Frog is a small, green creature with black eyes that can be found in different spawn points in the ABD map. It is easy to overlook due to its tiny size, so be on the lookout when finding this item. It can be well seen in the Spawnpoints around the map.

This item can be used to develop different abilities, specifically evolving into King Crimson. When used with Doppio's King Crimson, it will transform it into a more powerful version, giving it access to both of King Crimson's arms.

When used with Two Arm Doppio's King Crimson, it will transform into the even more powerful King Crimson, which is Full Body King Crimson, or Manga King Crimson.

The frog also gives the Basic Hamon ability when used on Standless.


  • As of 7/28/2020, frogs will no longer despawn from your inventory when you die, so you can keep two frogs in your inventory while trying to get King Crimson.
  • Has a 1% chance of giving Manga King Crimson when used with two armed Doppio's King Crimson.
  • Spawns every 10 minutes with a 1/5 chance.
  • Doesn't despawn.
  • It cannot be bought.
  • Hardly noticeable due to its small size.
  • Gives you Hamon if you are standless. This can be a reference to Zeppeli’s training with Hamon, in which he punches a frog to transfer Hamon to break a rock.
  • Like a Banknote and a Holy Corpse, the Frog can be dropped by pressing backspace.
  • You can't use frogs to get King Crimson: Alternate Universe.


(Standless + Frog) - Hamon

By using a frog, you will receive Hamon, an easy to find but strong ability. This ability is similar to the energy that is produced by the sun

(King Crimson (Doppio) + Frog) - Two Arm Doppio King Crimson

Using a frog KC(D) will grant you Two Arm Doppio King Crimson, an "uncompleted" version of King Crimson.

('Two Arm Doppio King Crimson + Frog) - King Crimson/Manga King Crimson

King Crimson or Full Body King Crimson is the completed version of KC after using 2 frogs on KC(D). A strong but hard to fully control ability. There's a 1% chance of you getting Manga King Crimson, KC's shiny. There're no changes to their abilities, just the voice lines and appearances are different from each other.


  • Doppio uses this as a phone, due to him having Multiple Personality Disorder. His other personality is Diavolo. Doppio would grab many random items like frogs, ice cream cones, and cigarettes while saying "torururu" as if the item was a phone ringing. He would answer the phone and would be able to talk to Diavolo.
  • The frog can be seen on Gold Experience user's chest when they press F, which is a reference to when Giorno deflects Leaky Eye Luca's attack using the frog.
  • When used with 1 and 2 arm KC It will play the "Tururururu" sound effect which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for Ring (repeated).

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