A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
This ability is only available for High Ranks of the Community.
There's no way to have this in-game if you are not an admin/mod/developer of the game.

"You are already dead." - Kenshiro (Kenshirō, ケンシロウ)


Fist of the Pot Star is an Admin-only Spec. Meaning that only Admin+ Members of the A Bizarre Day Community can have access to it. Because of the fact that it is a Admin only ability, players find this Spec very overpowered and hard to defeat.

Fist of The Pot Star shares a lot of voicelines and references from Kenshiro. It is based on the widely popular Shōnen manga and anime series, Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken). Hence its origin.


Fist of the Pot Star takes form of a robotic and black glove with neon red brass knuckles that covers the user's hand. Its most distinctive aspect are the red, blue, green and yellow gems.

Fist of the Pot Star also shows a lot of visual effects from its moveset. For example, Headbutt (Q) has a yellow, pink and red hit effect that can show up if you execute the ability correctly. The Teleport move (C) also has a very distinctive visual effect. It takes form of a yellow and white beam that appears behind the user after using the ability.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The player has an indescribably large health pool and is able to dish out an unrivalled amount of damage.
Passive B
Heir of Time
The user can freely move when time is stopped.
Passive C
Dimensional Vision
The user can see time erase users during their time erase.
Passive D
Quick Feather
The user has a heavily boosted walk speed.
Passive E
The user can regenerate health.
Passive F
The user is immune to most knockback.

Key Name Description
The FOTPS user will lunge his arm forward, dealing damage and ragdolling the enemy if they come in contact with the users arm. This move is similar to Standless' click.
The user grabs the target dealing 25 damage, similar to a bloodsuck, and slams their head into them, dealing 90 damage.
The user barrages and deals a massive amount of damage and ragdolling the enemy if your punches are landing. You can jump while performing this move.
ATA Punch
The user punches in front of them, it punches 2 times and does a fair amount of damage.
Spin Teleport Attack
Similar to Time Smite from The World, The user will perform a fast spin around its axis and teleport to the person that is on their cursor, dealing 75 damage and knocking back the enemy by a lot. This move has no cooldown.
The user blocks and negates all damage received.
The user teleports forward to where their avatar was facing with no cooldown. Similar to that of King Crimson or Made in Heaven, but with a longer distance and with a shorter cooldown.


  • This spec was made for A Bizarre Day's current owner, Tornado98765, however, it can also be used by any people that he allows.
  • Using !check (user) on an owner of this spec won't work.
  • The spec has one voiceline: "Omae wa mou shindeiru". This quote originates from the fictional character Kenshiro from the manga/anime series called Fist of the North Star. It is also very popular in meme culture.
  • This spec, and Ultra Instinct, are both tied for having the most passives in-game.
  • This spec has 2 poses.
  • This spec's C move is inspired by Dragon Sage's Lightning Dash from the game Rogue Lineage.