The Fishing Shack is a small building that can be found on an island next to "Island De Bizarre", the main island. It is one of the hidden locations (cannot be accessed without glitching out of the map) that was added to the update 2.0.7a map.

However, the main purpose/existence of this location is currently unknown.


The shack is surrounded by trees and bushes, as well as an empty billboard and 4 park table benches. The building is located on a small island next to the main island. The shack is particularly small and is a rectangular building of short length but long width. There are also transparent glass windows surrounding the shack-like building.

Inside the shack, several fishing-related objects can be found, including fishing rods of different colors, and what appears to be fish on a shelf on one wall. This shelf used to contain small ball-shaped sinkers but as of 3.0.2i, they have been replaced by the fish. There is also a boombox on a counter with the fishing rods that plays music.

Behind the counter is a sheet of paper with morse code, that, when translated, spells out "BACK IN BUSINESS". There are 3 fishing boats in the water by the shore, and 3 more propped up against the front end of the building. Underneath one of these boats is a severed eyeball. The owner of the eye is unknown.

There are no NPCs, Dummies, or Bosses that spawn or inhabit the shack or the small island.


  • The boombox plays the same list of songs as the radio in Tim's Pawn Shop.
  • The easiest method to get to the shack is by using Made in Heaven and use V to teleport through the mountain from the top of the tunnel entrance and then use Z to glide towards the island.


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