"A dummy stronger than usual. A mysterious sight." - Explorer (Bōken-sha, 冒険者)


The Enhanced Holodummy was perhaps the strangest type of training dummy available in A Bizarre Day. They were located near the bulldozer in the new map and D4C's dimension. It is now located in the wall behind Dummytaph.

The Enhanced Holodummy is a white, transparent training dummy presumably formed out of forcefield technology. It has no headgear or unique clothing, but it does have a very happy face which has some weird stuff going on because of the transparent Effect.


  • The Enhanced Holodummy was located behind the Bulldozer.
  • It was in front of the tunnel from the outside.
  • It was on the beach in the new map.
  • It was inside a wall on the new revamped map.


  • The Enhanced Holodummy cannot be hit in any way by abilities, other than GER/UGER, Over Heaven and Tusk stands. There is no other way to hit Enhanced Holodummy
  • On the Halloween event, they used to be called  "Enhanced Ghost", a name for the Halloween spirit.


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