"A dummy stronger than usual. A mysterious sight." - Explorer (Bōken-sha, 冒険者)


The Enhanced Holodummy is perhaps the strangest type of training dummy available in the game. They were located near the bulldozer in the new map and D4C's dimension. They are now located behind the hotdog stand.

The Enhanced Holodummy is a white, transparent training dummy presumably formed out of forcefield technology. It has no headgear or unique clothing, but it does have a very happy face which has some weird stuff going on because of the transparent effect.

During Halloween 2020, the dummy turns a shade of green and renames itself as the Ghostly Dummy.


  • The Enhanced Holodummy is essentially Dummytaph but transparent. This means that only abilities such as (OHs, GER, The Emperor, etc) that bypasses Epitaph can attack it.
  • On the Halloween 2019 event, they used to be called  "Enhanced Ghost".
    • The same goes with the 2020 event with a bit of difference, It is called "Ghostly Dummy".
  • When a Wamuu user activates Wind Mode, the entire dummy will turn red instead of just the outer edges.


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