This Ability, Item or Feature Has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game as it has been deleted, and probably will not be added back into the game in the near future, as it has been removed from the game either partially or entirely.

''What's up?" - Enderman (Endāman, エンダーマン)


Ender Crimson was King Crimson but reskinned. This stand makes an Enderman noise after the end of time erase and the voice clips are random things an Enderman can say. Ender Crimson also makes an Enderman Teleport sound when using the V move. This stand could be obtained by using an Ender Pearl (replaced by Monochromatic Sphere) with King Crimson.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Potent Blow
Ender Crimson uses its left arm to deal an incredibly strong frontal blow to the opponent. This move has a knockback effect.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
5 seconds
Severing Chop
Ender Crimson uses its strength to deal an extremely powerful chop to the enemy using its right arm.
Superior Strength
35 to 39 damage
5 Seconds
Future Sight
Ender Crimson uses Epitaph to predict the upcoming actions of anyone for 5 seconds, allowing both it and the user to dodge every attack. You can press T again to cancel Future Sight. Over Heaven stands and requiem can break through this attack.
No Damage
15 Seconds
Brutal Kick
Ender Crimson uses its right leg to kick the opponent for an incredible amount of damage. This move sends the target flying up in the air then falling down to a ragdoll state. This move is very good for starting combos.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
5 Seconds
Mighty Thrust
Ender Crimson focuses its strength into its left fist, then thrusts it into the opponent's torso, dealing an incredible amount of damage.
Great Strength
30 to 34 damage
14 Seconds
Time Erasure
Ender Crimson erases time for up to 10 seconds with a 20-second cooldown. You will be invisible and gain increased walking speed while erasing time. When the user's health is in the yellow or below, the voiceline King Crimson yells will change. If you get hit while time is erased, your TE is cancelled.

Note: GERs/UGER users can cancel this ability automatically.

No Damage
20 Seconds
Mighty Finisher
While Ender Crimson has erased time, it can perform a devastating strike to its opponent while at the same time ending Time Erasure. The move deals godly damage. This move can be used in a good combo, instantly killing your victim even if he/she has about 40% of health or lower left.
Godly Strength 45+ damage
About 20 to 40 Seconds
Erasure Shift
Ender Crimson erases time very briefly, teleport its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so. And this skill can also teleport through thin walls. It's a good idea to use this move to set up flank attacks. Or running away, whichever you want.
No Damage
3 Seconds


  • It used to have Ender Growl as its pose theme, but then it was removed by unknown reason.
  • Before STW update, it used to be obtained through Frog on Doppio 2 Arm KC, with same percentage as Pink Crimson (later was replaced by Sans Crimson).
  • Originally Ender Crimson was going to be replaced with a shiny stand called “Sea Crimson”, but was canceled.
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