"Did you forget that I gave you a portion of my King Crimson's power?" - Diavolo to Doppio (Diaboro kara su Doppio, ディアボロから酢ドッピオ)


The Dummytaph was a training dummy and stand user who wields the sub-stand of King Crimson, Epitaph.

The Dummytaph had white skin and black trousers, with a persimmon torso color. Much like most other dummies, it displays only a cold stare on its face, with no other expressions. It does, however, have an Epitaph on its forehead, which has the same exact stare as the Dummytaph itself.


  • Dummytaph was located near a tunnel on the corner of the map, where the tunnel is merged in with the mountains that cover the internal part of the map.
  • The tunnel is connected to a road and an intersection.
  • Dummytaph is currently on the beach of the new map.


  • Although it is a stand user, it uses the purely defensive sub-stand Epitaph.
  • It does not assault players in any way, but it is able to dodge almost every attack.
  • The exceptions being Requiem and Over Heaven stands and Tusk, as well as other stands or specs with the passive ability to hit dodging players, such as Rice Farmer and Silver Soul.


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