A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"Did you forget that I gave you a portion of my King Crimson's power?" - Diavolo to Doppio (Diaboro kara su Doppio, ディアボロから酢ドッピオ)


The Dummytaph is a training dummy and stand user who wields the sub-stand of King Crimson, Epitaph.

The Dummytaph has white skin and black trousers, with a persimmon torso color. Much like most other dummies, it displays only a cold stare on its face, with no other expressions. It does, however, have an Epitaph on its forehead, which has the same stare as the Dummytaph itself.


  • Dummytaph was located near a tunnel on the corner of the map, where the tunnel is merged in with the mountains that cover the internal part of the map.
  • The tunnel is connected to a road and an intersection.
  • Dummytaph is currently on the beach of the new map.


  • Although it is a stand user, it uses the purely defensive sub-stand Epitaph.
  • It does not assault players in any way, but it is able to dodge almost every attack.