Dummy Grass Island

Arcane: League of Legends - The Loop


"The Dummy Grass Island???" - Island sign


The Dummy Grass Island was a small secret island located far from the main island. Its purpose for the game was unknown. Because of its distance from the main island, getting there proved to be a very difficult task.


The Dummy Grass Island was an entirely green island with a house and a sign. The sign's label was slightly askew and said "The Dummy Grass Island???". Inside of the house were 2 grey dummies, Tim's Juice Worker and a nameless dummy. It was located next to the Colosseum.


  • During the Halloween Event, the island was pushed below the water's surface. Tim's Juice Worker did not move with the island, although the nameless dummy did.
    • After the event ended, the island along with the Colosseum were removed.
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