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"Your Disc belongs to me!" - Enrico Pucci (Enrico Pucci, エンリコ・プッチ)


The Disc was an item located in the Waterfall Room. Unlike most items, the Disc has no standard spawn time, must be picked up by clicking on it, and cannot be used via the Roblox toolbar, rather only becoming usable near the radio in Tim's Shack. Once picked up, the Disc hovers upwards while fading away.

Every time you pick the Disc, you have 15 seconds before you drop it, which spawns another Disc in the Waterfall Room. If you brought the Disc to the radio in Tim's Shack, it will play a loud thumping sound, similar to Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration. The origin or meaning of the sound has not been confirmed.

Near the Disc was a button that was completely red. By pressing this button, a short cutscene plays in which the camera moves through the Sewers and to the grate near Dio Brando, where two glowing red eyes squint. The red button was removed as of the v2.07a update.


The Disc looks very similar to Whitesnake's Disc from its Disc Steal ability.


Audio Gallery

The sound when putting the disc on the Radio: