"Allowing neighbouring worlds to exist simultaneously in the same location. That is my Stand's ability, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." - Funny Valentine (Fanī Varentain, ファニー・ヴァレンタイン)


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, often shortened to D4C, is the Stand of Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.

D4C is among the most powerful Stands in the series. In its default form, it is a close-range Stand with above-average strength and speed. One of D4C's main ability is that it allows different parallel worlds/dimensions to co-exist at the same time and/or in the same place. It also allows its user to visit these parallel worlds/dimensions and interact with entities in the alternate universe.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 2% chance (S-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for the stands evolution, when a Holy Corpse is used, the user will unlock an evolved form of itself: D4C: Love Train.


D4C has a humanoid form with large, upright horns that somewhat resemble the ears of a leporid; a masked mandible, and a light body lined by an almost unbroken seam or trim.

It's designed after the image of leather being stitched together, like on a baseball. Under its brow, its eyes appear to emote a cold gaze. It's eyes also seem to have a patch inside it.

D4C is baby blue and pink, however, not in all media featuring it, since in a promotional video it was actually a more strong blue and red, which are supposed to represent the U.S.A flag.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown


Dojyaan Barrage
D4C rushes the enemy sending a barrage of 40 punches, dealing great damage with great speed. The barrage also has extended range. It has the range half of The World: Alternate Universe‘s E move.

Note: Try not to get too close to the enemy, otherwise, hits won't land.

Superior Strength
5 damage per punch
"I'll dispose of you!"
D4C quickly slaps the enemy forward with its right hand first and left-hand second. If this connects with an opponent, it will do moderate damage and follow up with a punch that will do incredible damage, similar to a 1-2 technique used by modern boxers.

Note: If you stay in direct contact with the enemy during the animation of the 1st slap, they will be hit twice by the slap and then by the second slap, doing a whopping 100 damage to them. This bug may be fixed.

Good Damage (First Slap)
25 damage

Superior Damage (Second Slap)
50 damage
"Merely Self Defense"

The stand user pulls out a revolver and quickly fires with its right hand. It deals 30 damage. This move has a very short cooldown making it very spammable. You can use this move even while your stand is not out. 

Note: If angled right the bullet will hit the opponent twice.

Good Damage
30 damage
"A Hindrance!"
D4C roundhouse-kicks the opponent, stunning them and dealing massive damage, while also partially blinding the opponent. This is most similar to The World (Alternate Universe) 's H move, but with higher damage and different knockback.
Superior Damage
65 damage
D4C Dimension Hop
D4C pulls out a Colonial American flag and will wave it around, transporting enemies within a 25 stud radius to teleport them to an alternate dimension (also known as the old map or D4C's Dimension), shortly bringing you along with them as well. You'll be granted a speed boost as well as a damage boost until 25 seconds.
No Damage
(until you return to the new map)
"This is... another you."
Hover your mouse over an enemy while pressing H (no hold needed) to summon the player from another dimension, which will follow the player, and when it touches the player it will perform a Kamikaze technique. The clone has 200 HP.
Incredible Damage
75 damage
Summon Clones
D4C will summon themselves from another dimension after waving an American flag around, which will go around punching people. You can summon up to 3 of them by holding the move. It has the same amount of HP as the normal player, however, they can't use D4C. They despawn after about 30 seconds to a minute. Each clone has 200 HP, they deal 20 damage per punch and 25 per strong punch.

Note: Every 2 uses of this move will cause the 2nd usage to only summon 1 clone for some reason if you summon 3 clones for the 1st one, meaning that if you're in the middle of a 1v1, it'll be even riskier to use this move a 2nd time and less rewarding for surviving.

Good Damage (Normal Punch)
20 damage

Good Damage (Heavy Punch)
25 damage
(until your last clone disappears)
Clone Swap
Pressing V while a clone is out will teleport you to that clone. The player, however, will only teleport you to the nearest form. 

Note: This does not change your health to the health your clone had.

No Damage

Removed/Reworked Abilities:

J + Holy Corpse - D4C: Love Train

D4C enters a pocket dimension that is surrounded by a wall of light, redirecting any and all misfortune heading towards the user. All damage will be redirected to the attacker.

  • GERs cannot bypass a player’s Love Train. The same thing goes for all Over Heaven stands. The only stand that can is Tusk ACT4. (Clone Bombs can also bypass Love Train, update made GER and OH stands bypass it, Hierophant Green can also can bypass LT).
  • Only Tusk ACT4, Killer Queen/Bites The Dust bomb moves (weirdly) and Chariot Requiem is able to bypass this ability. This ability has been removed once D4C: Love Train/Cracked D4C was added. Silver Chariot used to bypass Love Train with its F move, but as of 06/19/2020, SC cannot bypass Love Train anymore.

Note: Love Train can only be used after using a Corpse Part. After this it will stay on your account permanently, also this ability doesn't work with Dio Brando or the Vampiric Minions.

Evolved Forms:

(LMB + Holy Corpse) - D4C: Love Train

The player is able to use the full potential of the Holy Corpse and it gives him D4C: Love Train.

Battle Strategies:

General Combat Knowledge:

D4C is a very powerful Stand if used correctly, this stand can be used effectively to fight any Stand or Spec. When D4C is waving its flag, it becomes almost invincible while the animation plays out; D4C still takes damage, but very little. This means that the Stand can use many of its special abilities mid-fight without much of a tangible disadvantage, but the moves that can block-break such as The Hand's attacks, Killer Queen's bombs, Made in Heaven's throat slice, etc. can still damage you, Technicalities: D4C's R slap attack can perform GODLY damage, and can easily slice the health pools of many powerful Stands such as Gold Experience Requiem, and Specs such as Kars in half in a single successful connection. The downside is that the attack is 2 slaps in succession; while the first slap often connects, the 2nd slap is a considerable distance away from D4C. However, this can be seen as both a pro and a con. The pro is that the slap can easily connect with runners, and ragdoll them for more attacks. The con is that it's difficult to line up your opponent's ragdoll to hit them again with the slap. Along with the slap, D4C's B move lets the user create up to three clones. This can prove very useful against a Stand or Spec, however, it is easy for the clones to diverge from the intended target and attack unwanted people. Another clone move, H, allows the user to create a bomb clone of the enemy. This can be very useful for starting fights, however even in the middle of a fight can be handy in a pinch due to the high damage it does. Beware that the animation is slow though, and even though D4C has a lot of invulnerability, particularly powerful Stands or Specs can freely attack you while you're unable to fight back.


D4C's kick attack is useful for starting combos since it can slow opponents down and occasionally blinds them as well. One thing that should be mentioned: All of D4C's attacks actually happen a significant distance away from the user compared to other Stands, meaning if an opponent is too close, a few of its attacks WILL NOT connect, making you vulnerable at a very close range.

Next up is the F Move: Alternate Dimension. This move is often requested by other players to be performed, as it transports you and anyone else in close proximity to the old map (as it may feel nostalgic for longtime ABD players). In combat, this can be very useful for dragging a player into a situation where they can't be protected by other players, forcing them into a 1 v 1 with you, and you get a considerable speed boost to boot. While in the dimension, you always spawn on the tree in the Eastern area of the map, giving you a birds-eye view of the players you've brought with you. The players ALWAYS spawn either behind the houses, behind the tree you spawn on, directly in front of you, at the far end of the map where the section of housing ends, and ON top of the section of housing to your left. Use this information to always get the first strike on them, and you can use the speed boost afforded to you.

Note: The F attack doesn't need the flag to actually land on the players you're teleporting, they just need to be in close proximity while you start the animation. Whether they run or not, it doesn't matter. They will still teleport there with you.

The V move can be useful since the clones will attack people, who will quickly realize they're mindless clones who don't have any substantial attacks. You can quickly transfer to one and get the drop on them, however, a particularly smart enemy may not be fooled by it. Regardless, this ability can be good for an escape or for flanking the enemy.

The T revolver does decent damage, and as the description above says, it's very spammable. The revolver has a fairly long range, which is perfect for sniping enemies from afar, whether because they won't get into D4C's range, or you simply want to start a fight without getting up close. Aiming can be a bit tricky, however, it is easy to get a grasp of where the bullet might go.


  • E(Hold) + R (Easy)
  • Y + R + T (Basic and Easy)
  • B(Hold) + V (Easy to make but hard to use)
  • H + Y + R (Medium)
  • F + Y + R + B + T (Hard)
  • Y + H + B(hold) + V(if needed) + R + E(Hold)(if needed) (Very Hard)
  • R + Y + T
  • Y + W (hold until the enemy is near) + R + C + E(Hold) + T + F (Hard)
  • B (Two Clones) + H + T + Y + F + R (Hit both shots)
  • B (one clone but try to let it wander) + Y + R + T + V + T (Medium/Hard))
  • R + Y + H + T (Last one just if enemy survived the explosive clone) (Medium))
  • R + Y + F + H + T (Medium/Hard))
  • B + V + T+V + R + Y + T/H (Hard)
  • E/R + T
  • R + Y + T (Medium)
  • B + H + V + R + Y + E(Hold) (Hard)
  • E(Hold) + R + Y (Medium)
  • R + Y + T + H (Easy/Medium)
  • H + Z + R + C + Y + T (Medium)
  • E(Hold) + R + Y + T (Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • Above-average melee range.
  • Incredible damage output.
  • Clones can outnumber fights.
  • Clone Swap can confuse opponent. (V + Q)
  • Revolver is spammable.
  • R has good knockback and hard to escape.
  • Most attacks have a short cooldown.


  • Slow melee speed.
  • Clones are easily predictable and they can't jump.
  • Struggles against opponents with greater mobility.


  • When posing with D4C, the song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC will play.
  • These are D4C's voice lines: "Hehe", "Taa Daa!" (Dojyaan!) and, "Yes, yes!".
  • This is a reference to the AC/DC album and song called Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
  • Creating a D4C bomb and having the target immediately leave while in the animation will make a permanent, naked NPC that can still be damaged named, "D4C Bomb".
  • You can make a bomb of yourself if you try to do a bomb of your own clone, the bomb will work like a normal bomb, but it will explode yourself.
  • If a D4C user poses when they exit out of the alternate universe they can move while posing, though they cannot attack nor jump.
  • If a D4C user poses and presses the pose button just as they are about to sit they can move while posing and even be able to do attacks.
  • The version of D4C wielded by Funny Valentine makes particle effects upon hitting something with his Stand Rush or Kick. The usable D4C cannot make these particles, however.
  • If you enter your dimension right before a universe reset happens, you will be stuck there.
  • While using D4C's F move, it will play (translated): "The only one who can move freely between this world and the next is me."
  • Before D4C:LT was created, using a Holy Corpse on D4C would reward with the move Love Train.




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