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"Rework your strategy all you want. There is a limit to what you humans can do." - Dio Brando (Dio Burandō, ディオ・ブランド)


Dio Brando is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. He is a neutral vampiric NPC that can be found in the Joestar Mansion. However, when attacked, he will become hostile and attack the player(s).

When killed, he either drops 3 Banknotes or a Vampire Mask.


This NPC resembles Dio Brando from part 1 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. His outfit also uses that of those of Phantom Blood.


Dio Brando has 1750 HP, and spawns along with 2 Vampiric Minions with almost the same movesets and 300 health.


Type of Ability Name Description
Dio Brando will passively regenerate 0.25% of his HP per second, at the cost of being dealt 25% extra damage from Hamon users, Santana users, and Kars users.

Name Description Effects
Dio Brando will strike the target with a quick punch doing pitiful damage. The inflicted will take damage.
Vampiric Barrage
Dio Brando will perform an attack rush with his fists while screaming "Weakling, weakling!" You can stun him for a few seconds by rolling over him when he's barraging. The inflicted will take damage and little knock-back.
Superhuman Punch
Dio Brando will charge his fist and deal a stronger punch while screaming "Wryyyyyy!". The inflicted will take damage and knock-back.
Vaporization Freezing Technique
Dio Brando will charge both of his fists and say, "Behold the oblivion of death! Die!" hitting and freezing the target in an ice cube, then shattering the frozen enemy. This is spammable by Dio and can one-shot you if you're barraging him and/or attacking him. The inflicted will be frozen and take damage.
Dio Brando will leap in the direction he desires. Usually, he leaps towards the player that he is focusing on. Dio will boost up in the air.


  • Drops 3 Banknotes ($1350) with 9/10 or 90% chance to drop.
  • Drops Nothing with an Unknown chance
  • Drops Vampire Mask with 1/10 or 10% chance to drop.
  • Unlike DIO, Dio Brando can bypass Love Train.

Tips & Tricks

  • Strong DPS abilities like Tusk ACT4, GER, Kars, Santana, Crazy Diamond, OHs, Star Platinum, Sticky Fingers,Magician's Red or Wamuu are recommended to defeat the Minions and Dio Brando.
  • During Dio Brando's barrage, you can move directly forwards towards him (otherwise it wouldn't work) and go behind, leaving Dio stuck until he finishes the barrage.
  • It's extremely recommended to defeat the Vampiric Minions first and then Dio Brando. This can best be done by pushing the Vampiric Minions next to Dio Brando and then stopping time and hitting them with a Barrage.
  • Using The Hand's Legs Erasure (F key) can stun Dio Brando for 8 seconds.
  • Using Sticky Fingers' Zipper Detachment (F key) you can stun him by removing his legs or lowering his overall damage by removing one of his arms.
  • If you're in a crowd, don't use Whitesnake's Stand Disc ability, as you may disable others.
  • Using Blood Drain Grab on the Vampiric Minions is very recommended since they're not that threatening.
  • Don't use GER's F move when Dio Brando is about to use his Vampiric Jump. Instead, wait until he uses it so you can use your F move at full potential.
  • Avoid getting to close to Dio Brando when he's using Vaporization Freezing Technique. This can be easily dodgeable if you pay attention to his voice when the move is triggered.
  • If you are in private server alone you can perform a glitch with Santana that makes Dio Brando and his minions ignore you. Just simply use Santana's F move into Dio Brando or his minions.
  • There is a glitch with Dio Brando's Vaporization Freezing Technique that can instantly kill you. This only happens when you barrage (hold E) or block, it might have something to do with defense. To prevent this, let go of E when you hear his voice line.
  • You can solo him with any OH stands, the barrage is essential for good damage.
  • Dio Brando has no cooldown in his moves, in most of the cases he will not spam a single attack since he is an NPC and choose the attacks randomly, but sometimes he can spam Vaporization Freezing Technique and the Barrage and that is very dangerous; be careful with that.
  • Using D4C Clones (Both Regular and LT) can bait him, allowing you to get easy hits.
  • Time stop is bound to kill the minions and get Dio Brando to nearly half his health.
  • Jumping straight behind Dio while he barrages will make him stand still (might not work sometimes).
  • Dio Brando can get stuck on items like Water, so use that to your advantage.
  • Wamuu's G Move can 1 shot Dio Brando, you just have to wait 1 minute after placing the Ring.
  • Crazy Diamond is one of the best stands to solo Dio Brando, it may be the fastest way to fight Dio Brando due to its high damage barrage because of its passive