Death 13

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"Lali-ho! Isn't it romantic to die inside a dream?" -Death 13 (デスサーティーン(死神13))


Death 13 is the Stand of Mannish Boy featured in Part 3, Stardust Crusaders. Its main ability is to drawn anyone that is sleeping to its dream world.

Death 13 is a close-range Stand that can only exist inside a dream world and requires that its victims are asleep. It is incredibly dangerous because it is certain to take people by surprise.

The current way to obtain this stand is unknown, as not much information has been given.


Death 13 appears as a humanoid Stand wearing a dark robe. It also wears a smiling jester mask that has curved eyes, as well as metallic gauntlets, shoulder pads, a golden collar, and a long hat. It is also armed with a great scythe. Outside of its head and arms, Death 13 has no physical body.

In the colored manga and anime versions, Death 13 wears a white mask over dark purple clothes. However, its gauntlet, collar and shoulder pads are golden in the manga, while in the anime, its gauntlet are silver, the collar is a dull gold and the shoulder pads are metallic purple. The scythe's handle is golden in the manga but is black in the anime.


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