A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


Damage Taking Dummy Machine is a special machine that used generate a Damage Taking Dummy.

The machine can be found by the Soccer Field (1v1 Arena), behind the goal that is close to the Dojo. The Dummy's health could be adjusted in the side panel and you could generate it by pressing the yellow button.


The Damage Taking Dummy Machine is a mechanical box with a control panel on the side, although it is broken; one of the tubes on top has been disconnected, the spout fell off, the control panel's activation button is black instead of glowing green, and there's no dummy inside to create a copy of.


  • Added on version 3.0.0a. However, this has been disabled in the version 3.0.0b.
  • You only can set health 99 - 299;
    • You could not generate a 299 health dummy or a 99 health dummy.
  • This actually used to count for the Samurai Teacher quests before being disabled.
  • This feature was disabled, but you can still press the buttons, however, it does not create the dummy. Pressing the middle button disables the arrows from changing the value.