A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"A coffin marked with the letters D-I-O... I wonder what could be inside?" - Treasure Hunters (Torejāhantā, トレジャーハンター)


DIO's Coffin is the spawn point of the NPC DIO, who spawns near here every 60 minutes, adding a 1-minute delay each spawn.

DIO's Coffin can be found around the A Bizarre Park, near one of the wood cabins.


In appearance, DIO's Coffin is made out of wood with a golden plate. Written on it DIO. Over the plate, there is a door lock made out of gold.

In addition to that, there are particles coming out of it, such as a mysterious purple fog, and from the center of it, there are menacing (ゴゴゴゴ) particles on the front of the coffin, just like the Menacing Dummy.


  • As of the latest update, this version of the coffin is much smaller than DIO's Cave.
  • With the smaller size, it'll be harder to put shards or bear traps via The Emperor's or The World (Alternate Universe)'s abilities.
  • As of v2.0.1, the entire map and DIO's Coffin has a new look. There is a dirt path on the side of the map that leads to DIO's Coffin.
  • On the new map the Coffin is located near the beach.