"What is it you desire?” - DIO Part 3 (DlO, ディオ)


DIO is a Vampire who wields the stand The World and acts as a NPC boss in the game.

He spawns at the Coffin. DIO is the strongest boss in the game as of now, having a large health pool and dealing more damage than any other Bosses.


DIO wears a yellow jacket and trousers of the same color. He also has a belt wrapped around his waist with a green heart on it, as well as slings attached slightly below his belt.

Underneath his jacket, he wears a coal-black tank-top. DIO's hair is long and of bright blonde color and is held up by a green headband with a heart in the center of it.


Name Description Effects
Regular Punch
The World strikes the user with a normal punch, dealing average amounts of damage every time. If the intervals between his punches decrease, he's about to barrage. The inflicted will take damage.
MUDA Barrage
The World assaults the target with an array of extremely fast punches that do devastating damage. The barrage deals 6 damage per hit, which is the same as an Over Heaven stands barrage. The inflicted will take damage
The World strikes the enemy with a fast, incredibly powerful punch. The inflicted will take damage
The World stops time and freezes all users in the server for up to 5 seconds. Other stands such as Made in Heaven or Gold Experience (Requiem)  can simply eliminate DIO's time stop by either shortening it or returning it to zero, causing time to resume, however, this does not eliminate him from despawning. You can also move in his timetop with Tusk ACT4's Self-Nullification Blow (Hold V + Y), however, this will take down half of the player's health. It is very easy to recover from as well, so this shouldn't be a problem. DIO will Timestop for 5 Seconds.
Impaling Thrust
DIO will teleport to the player and cause damage. For this move, DIO uses a time-stop that can be seen by players. The inflicted will take damage
Knife Throw
DIO will throw one single Knife. They can pierce. The inflicted will take damage
Timestop Dash
DIO will perform a dash, this move is similar to Star Platinum: The World. DIO will Dash.
DIO flies up in the air for about 2 seconds, then dashes down with a road roller, dealing godly damage. This move is only used when DIO is low-hp. (And Randomly When A Lot Of Players Are Close) Timestop, inflicted will take damage


  • DIO spawns every 30 minutes with a minute delay every 30 min. However, spawn times may be delayed based on whether or not someone has stopped time in the server.
  • 1500 HP base and 1 minute 30 sec base despawn time.
  • 1 player = 200 Additional HP.
  • 1 player = 5 Additional seconds
  • Drops Vampire Mask with a 100% chance. (10/10)
  • Drops DIO's Diary with a 60% chance. (6/10)
  • Drops a Camera with a 10% chance. (1/10)
  • DIO takes more damage from Hamon,Santana and Kars users.
  • Although he is a vampire, he is not capable of regeneration, like other Vampires.
  • His moves do not cause any knockback.
  • DIO can dodge Return to Zero by rolling.
  • He used to drop three Omelette Eggs when he was killed during the Easter Event.
  • DIO can't climb on ladders.
  • Whitesnake's F is not very effective on DIO. Do not use it on a big crowd, that goes with Silver Chariot’s disabling move.
  • Despite being a Vampire, he doesn't burn in the sun. He also doesn't use any of his vampiric abilities.
  • Though Time Acceleration can cancel all Time Stops even using it in stopped time or during Time Acceleration. During Time Acceleration, if DIO stops time, instead of canceling, It appears to shorten DIO's time stop.
  • Unlike Dio Brando, he doesn't have any vampiric regeneration.
  • DIO before the rework used to have the old design of The World for a very long time.
  • DIO can go after Dio Brando or the Vampiric Minions if there is no player nearby.


Note: If you want to add more spawn rates, use the following model (only applies to the last one, which at the time of writing this was 101): 10122 + 60 + (93+1; keep adding +1 to 93) which will make 102, 10275 minutes. And again, 10275 + 60 + 94, which will make 103, and so on and so forth.

Press the "expand" button to see DIO's spawn rates.



1 30
2 63
4 123
3 183
4 244
5 305
6 366
7 427
8 488
9 549
10 625
11 671
12 732
13 793
14 853
15 922
16 973
17 1036
18 1097
19 1158
20 1219
21 1280
22 1334
23 1426
24 1501
25 1577
26 1654
27 1732
28 1802
29 1882
30 1963
31 2045
32 2128
33 2212
34 2297
35 2383
36 2470
37 2528
38 2617
39 2707
40 2798
41 2890
42 2983
43 3077
44 3172
45 3268
46 3355
47 3453
48 3552
49 3652
50 3753
51 3855
52 3958
53 4062
54 4167
55 4273
56 4380
57 4480
58 4589
59 4699
60 4810
61 4922
62 5035
63 5149
64 5264
65 5380
66 5497
67 5615
68 5734
69 5854
70 5975
71 6097
72 6220
73 6344
74 6469
75 6595
76 6722
77 6850
78 6979
79 7109
80 7240
81 7372
82 7505
83 7639
84 7674
85 7810
86 7947
87 8085
88 8224
89 8364
90 8505
91 8647
92 8790
93 8934
94 9079
95 9225
96 9372
97 9520
98 9669
99 9819
100 9970
101 10124

More Timelaps Soon!

Tips and Tricks:

  • If DIO's Timestop is cancelled by Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration, he will be stunned infinitely until he despawns/dies.
  • DIO recently got a rework and it was made harder to solo.
  • Since the beatdown glitch was patched, you still can solo DIO with Gold Exprience by using requiem arrow when dio barrages you. That makes dio barrage forever and you wont take any damage from him.
  • Although DIO's Timestop can be canceled by GER's ability, DIO will Timestop more often and might not get affected by GER's ability. This is because GER's ability has a 25-second cooldown.
  • To cancel the second Timestop that won't be affected by GER's ability is possible because you can have an MIH as your partner to use TA to cancel it.
  • If many people are in the server DIO will have enough time to use his third Timestop which is usually a road roller. This can be very deadly to get hit by.
  • By the time DIO uses his third Timestop, GER will most likely have its ability ready to counter the Timestop. You won't be able to do much while he is doing the road roller animation so its best to snipe it with ranged attacks. (According to Vampiric The World's road roller, their hitbox is usually at the seat if the road roller)
  • DIO's walk speed has increased from the rework so it's really hard to dodge its barrage. If you are trying to solo it or you are in a group, it's best to bring water with you. You can get water from the vampire minions. (If you want to keep the water while in GER, drop the water on the ground by pressing delete then use b to have water ready when needed)
  • Having a player standing on the edge of the leaves of a tree will keep DIO distracted. In that time span, use OH's barrage and normal click to damage DIO. If he isn't low, Do not use any high knockback moves unless it is a finisher.
  • With Gold Experience (NOT requiem), you can freeze DIO until he despawns or dies. To do this, you need to lower your health, then use the 7 Page Muda barrage on DIO and reset immediately. This trick is so useful it'll most likely be fixed any time soon. (Patched)
  • Using The Hand's Legs Erasure (The Hand's F move) can stun DIO for 8 seconds. Use this time to beat up DIO, and especially will help others beat up DIO too.
  • If you’re in a crowd, don’t use White Snake's DISCU move, as you may disable others. Similar to Silver Chariot’s R and 3rd LMB.
  • Over Heavens are good for this due to their strong rush. Same with Sticky Finger’s because of it’s passive.
  • Try to have dummies, you can heal off of them if you’re low on hp.
  •  If you have multiple Gold Experience Requiems and bunch up, make sure all of them try to kill DIO. They can easily kill him.
  • If you have Gold Experience Requiem and two Gold Experience Requiem friends you can use the F move while the other two are in the barrage range of DIO. Since you can still attack while under the effects of the move, all three Gold Experience Requiems will be able to barrage him at the same time while he is down. If it doesn’t kill him, you can just have the other two use their F move and repeat the process. (This is recommended in a private server as DIO will have too much health in a public server, even if all three of you use the move).
  •  If you see Gold Experience Requiems and Over Heavens about to barrage DIO, get back and wait for them to finish. You might end up getting killed, worst case scenario you pick up the items before dying.
  •  Kars' barrage is a good backup against DIO due to the speed of it. But Kars' health decreases insanely fast when being barraged by DIO, also you have to touch DIO's body to attack him, which makes more weaknesses for Kars. Same with Sticky Fingers (Because of the passive and low dura).
  •  When waiting for DIO, don't use Timestop, even if he hasn't spawned, as it will delay his spawn time.
  • If you’re in a crowd, try not to use ragdoll moves as you may stun others.
  • Using The World (Alternate Universe)/Neo The World Alternate Universe  to place 10 traps in front of the coffin can deal as much as 500 - 700 damage to him.
  • During a fight with DIO he tends to be very strong, A good way to diverge his attacks or just him, in general, is by using Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's, "Summon Clones", technique, DIO will move towards the clones and attack them. This move is very risky and could have dangerous side effects, use it correctly and it works well.
  • If you are going to farm DIO, it is highly recommended to do so in a private server, because in a public server, DIO will have too much health and other players can steal DIO's drops, or someone with a drop could die and lose the item if they don't bank it in time.
  • Since DIO no longer moves in stopped time, it is best to use a The World: Over Heaven or Star Platinum: Over Heaven if nobody has Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Shadow The World Is Almost USLESS To Farm DIO (Camera, Diary Or Mask.)


  • When DIO is at 10%, Over Heaven's T does 160 damage to him. In a full server, it deals up to 450 damage. (maybe it will change in the future)
  • DIO used to hide in a cave, now he hides inside his coffin.
  • DIO used to drop the last attack when he died which some times killed the player or the players that grabbed the stuff since the update 1.9.8. This won't be a problem anymore since you can store items. So if you are fast enough, you can save them before dying.
  • DIO used to spawn every hour with a 1/4 chance on the old map but was later change to be a guaranteed spawn.
  • DIO used to spawn in the middle of the PvP arena in the old map.
  • DIO’s older spawn used to be at the cave.
  • DIO is no longer the only boss in the game, with the addition of Funny Valentine, Dio Brando, and his Vampiric Minions, which can be found in the Sewers. However, this is the ONLY boss that drops a Camera or a Diary.
  • There has been a growing movement to re-balance DIO, as many players feel that many people lack the skills to kill him or get a low enough health pool.
  • The effect and voice line don’t play if you use Return to Zero on DIO. You won’t teleport behind him. However, you will still deal damage. (This refers to old Gold Experience Requiem move).
  • DIO can be delayed by TS for up to 10 minutes and maybe even more.
  • For celebrating the milestone of 100 million visits for the game, DIO's spawn time was cut in half to thirty minutes.
  • When you're close enough to his coffin, "menacing", particles can be seen coming from his coffin.
  • The latest version has a pot on one of its corners, hinting that Tom might be in there (The pot is now removed).
  • There was a glitch to fling DIO out of the map with C-Moon using Gravity Punch, but this was later patched.
  • There was a glitch that DIO spawned around 2-7 minutes and he didn't despawn, making people able to kill DIO easily since he couldn't despawn. However, the glitch was later patched.
  • DIO is currently the strongest boss in the game.
  • There used to be a sign at the DIO coffin saying, "Bruh", but as of now, it has been removed.
  • The fallen meteor was located next to DIO’s spawn area before the map changed
  • DIO is a really important NPC in the game when it comes to drops.
  • DIO is mostly known for dropping the infamous Camera, with a 1/10 (10%) chance. Using the camera on VTW (Vampiric The World) will grant you with STW. (Shadow the World) There are no other uses for a Camera other than VTW.
  • DIO was found talking to the Void Walker (Eldritch Horror) during the 6/14/2020 event.
  • On 6/23/2020, the discord server showed sneakpeeks of DIO rework.
  • DIO will not be able to move in timestop when it got reworked.
  • DIO rework in the sneakpeek confirmed that DIO can use Road Roller (At low health) and knives as long range attacks.
  • The best way to kill DIO is to get 1 other friend both GER and one friend freeze DIO with GE and if you have died the friend will continue to fight DIO with GER you don't want to many strangers because they might: Hog the items, Kill you so they can get the items or TS so they can kill you and get the items.
  • DIO got a rework on 7/17/2020. He can now throw knife, donut players, uses road roller and dashes, too. (See the moveset for more information). His stand model also gets changed to the current model of The World instead of the old one.
  • D4C LT can solo DIO, however, sometimes DIO heavy punch will bypass LT.


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