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"It was me! I was the one that took the napkin first!" - Funny Valentine (Dī Fō Shī - Rabu Torein, D4C - ラブトレイン)


D4C: Love Train, also commonly referred to as D4C:LT, CD4C or LT is the evolved form of the Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap which belongs to Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.

As an evolved version of D4C, Love Train is an overwhelmingly powerful Stand, with its main ability being to direct or reflect the damage of certain abilities or movesets back to the opponent. This Stand also includes some of the original form's ability, as it still has the ability to fire a projectile and summon clones.

D4C: Love Train can be obtained by using a Holy Corpse on D4C.


Similar to D4C, it possesses similar traits in terms of appearance. It still has its long horns, with the only difference being that it is missing its left one. There are pink stitches covering its entire sidearm, eyes, and legs. The X's on its legs and knees are still present.

The main difference of D4C: Love Train is its cracked feature, as simply said, it is just D4C but it has a lot of broken/missing parts, similar to Cracked Gold Experience. Some of the broken parts include one of its horns and left arm. Unlike D4C, it also has a gear-shaped pallet sticking out of its back and chest, with pink stitches on the inner part of the gear. Half its face is also destroyed.

D4C: Love Train also consists of the main color scheme of pink and light blue, similar to D4C. However, Love Train also has some differences in terms of its colors, with its chest gear having glowing/neon pink stitches on its chest and its eyes. When idle, the Stand will have a bright orange aura to it, similar to the color of Love Train. When the user walks, it will leave behind a trail of effects that have similar appearances to the Love Train ability. Unlike the user, it's clones will not have the trail effect.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Borders of Reality
The user leaves a trail of yellow beams wherever they walk. The user's walkspeed is also increased to 18 (from 16).

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Powerful Blow
D4C: Love Train strikes the enemy with a powerful shove, dealing a significant amount of damage and a decent amount of knockback to the enemy player.
Great Damage
40 damage
6 seconds
Brutal Shove
D4C: Love Train strikes the enemy with a Brutal blow dealing damage and a significant amount of knockback. This move is very similar to D4C's slapping combo.
Great Damage
35 damage
7 seconds
Bullet Time
D4C: Love Train simultaneously summons a clone while the user shoots a revolver. The bullet reflects off the clone and to the nearest target.
Great Damage
30 damage per shot
40 seconds
Love Train
D4C: Love Train enters a pocket dimension that is surrounded by a wall of light, redirecting any and all misfortune heading towards the user. While Love Train is active, you can use any ability you wish. The cooldown for this move is 180 seconds (3 minutes)
No Damage
180 seconds
Love Train
Flag Glide
D4C: Love Train along with its user will glide on a flag at high speeds. You can jump while using this move to avoid obstacles.
No Damage
3 seconds
Surprise Clone
D4C: Love Train summons an air-borne clone of the user directly in front of them, kicking anyone below the clone. Despite the incredible knockback this move deals, it does not ragdoll.
Superior Damage
35 damage
5 seconds
Dimension Teleport
Similar to Shadow The World's teleportation move, D4C: Love Train and the user will teleport to the cursor's position as long as it's within a small radius around the user.
No Damage
5 seconds
Gunslinger Summon
D4C will summon a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 clones that will shoot the closest target. Each clone has 200 HP. These clones can be damaged, however, they act as NPCs, unlike the other two clone related moves for D4C: Love Train.
Great Damage
30 damage per bullet
After your last clone despawns

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

D4C: Love Train is among one of the most powerful Stands in the game and unlike other powerful Stands, is relatively easier to learn and master. Despite being described as a combo Stand with the likes of Stands such as King Crimson, there is little room for combos and as such should be treated as a raw damage Stand instead. Even with its nerfs, D4C: Love Train can prove to be a GODLY Stand.


The E and R moves are virtually identical with the exception of damage; the E move does 5 more damage than the R move. Regardless, both moves knock the target away at a considerable distance. This sort of move is useful against close-range high damage Stands such as Star Platinum (Over Heaven) or Gold Experience Requiem.

The T move (currently disabled) is normally used as a getaway or repositioning move, very similar to King Crimson's Time Erase but with a few key differences: the user cannot attack, activation is instant, and the ability lasts longer (15 seconds vs KC's 10).

The Y move is your best friend. It is essentially a free hit move dealing 30 damage no matter what, regardless if the target is blocking, using Epitaph, or even has Gold Experience's Frog Deflection active. What makes this move powerful is its homing ability, akin to Tusk ACT2's Homing Nail Bullets. The bullet however, will only target the closest target, so be sure that your intended target is closest to you if you're fighting near other people. Keep in mind that it has a considerably long cooldown, so time it wisely if you want to use it in between moves in order to keep pressure on your opponent.

The F move is arguably one of the best moves of D4C: Love Train. When active, it will protect you from almost all damage (some exceptions exist). However, it does not reflect damage unlike the old Love Train, so it's more for pure defense than anything. Another reason that makes Love Train a good move is the Z move; it changes the usual Stand jump for a more unique flag slide, similar to Tusk ACT4's nail glide, except it only lasts for three seconds. It's possible to combo both Z moves; you first Stand jump, then activate LT, then hold Z again. Oddly enough, Tusk ACT4 cannot get through Love Train.

The H move is a somewhat high risk high reward move, due to the relatively unpredictable hitbox. However, the clone hits right when you press H, not when the clone kicks. This information is vital, as it could be used as a surprise tool. It is also very good as a defensive tool when walking backwards, as it gives it more range.

The V move is essentially the same as STW's V move, being instant teleportation. This move is very good for appearing next or behind your target and immediately retaliating, and is to an extent spammable.

Your B clones are a great tool, and for good reason: they have ranged attacks. The clones fire one bullet approximately every second, so in a 1v1 they can be your trump card. However the bullet hitboxes are bugged, so the rounds may not always hit. It is also advisable to use your clones only when you are alone, as the clones will target the closest person instead of your enemy.


  • V + R/E (Easy)
  • E + R (Easy)
  • F + B (Easy) (Love Train is used in this combo to prevent you from taking damage while summoning your clones.)
  • H + R + E (Easy)
  • F + E + R + Y + B (Medium)
  • H + V (teleport towards enemy) + E (Medium)
  • V + H + R + E + Y (Medium/Hard)
  • H + R + Y + V + E (Medium)
  • Y + V + R + E + H + F + B (Hold) + V + E (Hard)

Pros and Cons:


  • Good combo potential.
  • Good damage output.
  • Good durability.
  • Walk speed boost.
  • Love Train.
  • Teleport is good for surprise attacks.
  • Clones can be very good; it can even kill people and bait.
  • Amazing gun move, no aim required for it.
  • H has an amazing knockback.


  • E and R have short range.
  • Attacks don't ragdoll the enemy.
  • Love Train has a long cooldown.
  • Clones could attack the wrong person, they attack the nearest person to themselves.
  • Using Clones can sometimes be punishable.
  • Clones have horrible AI, and sometimes break.
  • The only projectile has a long cooldown.
  • Has a very noticeable and bright trail which makes you easy to get spotted.
  • The B move sometimes won't spawn clones.
  • The Y move goes for the nearest target, meaning that it might not work as intended if people are nearby.


  • D4C: Love Train has 3 voicelines (N): "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.", "It was me! I was the one that took the napkin first!", and "My soul is in clear, unclouded tandem with my actions! I am a Real American Hero!"
  • When posing, D4C: Love Train will play two songs at the same time: a fan-made theme by Friedrich Habetler, and AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
    • This makes it the only Stand to have two songs play while posing.
  • In Stand storage, D4C:LT is actually called "CrackedD4CStand".
  • D4C: Love Train is also commonly known as Cracked D4C, or CD4C due to its visual appearance and for simplicity purposes.
  • When using LT, NPCs such as DIO or FV will not target you, so you can attack them freely.
  • D4C: Love Train's clones can injure each other.
  • D4C: Love Train had durability comparable to No Abilities on release.
  • When using Love Train, you cannot reset.
  • D4C: Love Train previously had a move bound to T called Dimension Hop, but it was removed due to numerous exploitable glitches. The move was intented to be reworked, but this was scrapped due to the cancellation of ABD:R.