A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


This page will show a list of the currently known exploits/cheats with their description and status. Keep in mind if you use any of the following cheats will make your account get permanently banned in-game. This action can not be reverted nor can it be appealed to. An exploiter can be reported here.


Name Status Description
No-Cooldown Active Allows the exploiter to use moves with no cooldown whatsoever.
Anti Timestop Active Allowing the exploiter to be able to move in TS (Time Stop) without having a stand that can move in stopped time, and being able to move however long. The exploiter could be spotted by not knowing when time will stop or will be completely stupid and walk around (Often confused with Tusk ACT4 users that used Self Nullification blow).
Kill Aura Active This is the most common. Everybody will take damage and die. However, you can reduce the damage by simply guarding. Before the update on GER/UGER, you could counter this by using RTZ which would teleport you behind them and make them take damage. Doesn't bypass Love Train
Flight Active Self-explanatory, it lets the user take flight with no limitations.
Ball Trails Active The exploiter spawns a white ball that constantly follows the exploiter, which can block people's views.
Fling Active Flings everyone in the server until you or anyone else resets their character. Most exploiters do this with no cooldown.
Duplication Active Duplicates his/her avatar in order to make the game lag a lot, even to the point of a crash.
God Mode Active It makes the exploiter obtain infinite health, making it impossible to kill him/her. However, healing them will make them a mortal again. Also, they can god mode other people too.
Damage Booster Active This exploit allows the exploiter to change their damage, but can't change stand damage. basically they only can change their damage of "standless over heaven spec". exploiters can't modify the damage of stand or any other game's spec.
Pocket Shop Active Makes the exploiter able to access the in-game shop from anywhere.
Damage Deflect Active This exploit (commonly mistaken for godmode), allows the user to deflect all incoming attacks. Only OH stands and GER can attack the user.
Self Heal Active Allow's users to infinitely heal themselves with no cooldowns, they also can heal players of their choosing. Often a substitute to God Mode.
Ravelights Patched Repeatedly summons multi-colored crown-shaped objects (used for C-moon's punch effect) that expand outward from the user, covering the whole map (This doesn't cover the whole map anymore and is in the same range as a stand jump could reach, sometimes it stays.) This is less of a competitive exploit and more of an amusing prank.
Item Teleporter Patched Teleport all items that spawn to the exploiter. Only works if the exploiter themselves teleport to them, if the items are brought then they're either returned to their original spot on the ground or just disappear forever. It just doesn't work on arrows and rokakaka fruits anymore. They mostly appear on DIO Raids hosted by players.
Backstab Patched Teleport behind player then deal a huge amount of damage to the point of killing the inflicted almost instantly.
Invisible Stand Active Making the exploiter stand invisible.
Disable Patched You can disable someone's spec/stand giving the exploiter an advantage.
Jump Power Active This exploit can change the jump height of the exploiter, allowing them to jump as high as they want (They can still get kicked if the Jump Power is way higher than C-Moon).
Ghost Killing Patched This allows the exploiter to select any person's name in the server, and then either hit them constantly with ghost hits or singular times along with selecting whatever damage they wish. This can be often spotted by the hit coming from a singular direction or the constant punch large effect.
Range Patched It makes all attacks have infinite range. Commonly used with Vampire/Vampiric The World's Vaporization Freezing Technique.
Quote Kill Patched This allows the exploiter to emit a voice clip that says "Omae wa, mou shindeiru.", but appears as the word "Quote" over the head or it stays blank. At the end of the quote's voice clip, everybody will instantly die. This can't be blocked anymore for some reason.
Overpowered Moveset (Standless OH) Active Grants the exploiter the ability to deal Overheaven damage with multiple types of attacks. These attacks can range from normal punches, barrages, kicks, backhand slap, spinning, and a nuke. This also gives them the ability to move in Timestop.
Music Player Active Allows the exploiter to play a variety of music including music that bypasses the Roblox's censor.
Nuke Server Patched The exploiter blows up everyone in the server, causing immense lag to every player.
Stand Changer Patched This is an exploit that allows players to change their stands temporarily. This exploit is commonly used to make scamming somebody easier.
Custom Overpowered Moves Active Takes moves from other stands and puts them together as a custom stand/spec.
Name Changing Active The exploiter changes their name to whatever they desire, usually changed to an ABD staff member's name.
Walkspeed Active Allows the exploiter to change their walkspeed.
Self-Bomb Blow Active Similarly to the Ball Trails, except its Killer Queen's explosion.
Server Ragdoll Active

Ragdolls the entire server every few seconds. You can prevent this by blocking (X).

Strobe Light Patched Would make the entire server flash colors. Game had to shut down for a few days to patch as people with epilepsy could get easily harmed.