"Creeper, aw man..." - Revenge, By CaptainSparklez (Fukushū)


Creeper Queen, often shorted to CQ, is a reskin/shiny variant of Killer Queen. This is one of the most unique and old shiny stands in the game. Not only does it have a different model but it also has different sounds and hit effects. Unlike Killer Queen, Creeper Queen doesn't have a Requiem form, nor a voiceline.

This Stand can be obtained by using a Stand Arrow on the user with a precise 0.2% chance to get among all Stands, or in other words, a relative 20% chance from the 1% (S+ Tier) chance Arrow's Stand Pool.


In appearance, Creeper Queen is a humanoid stand resembling a decent-sized human, the skin has a green-colored appearance. Having cat-like ears and a unique face on its head. On its arms, you can see a black glove that covers his fists and forearm while having 2 golden skulls, one on his glove and the other on his shoulder. In short, it’s basically Killer Queen but with a Creeper skin.

Moving down to his legs, Creeper Queen has a brown belt with a golden skull and a black pair of pants that also have a golden skull while having a pair of sandals.

Overall, this stand has the apperaft that silently approaches players and explodes shortly after coming within their targets which reflects it's abilities and background history. This also uses the old Killer Queen's gloves, belt, and some parts from the pants.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Creeping Barrage Creeper Queen assaults the enemy with a barrage of fast and moderately-powered punches. Moderate Strength 3.75 damage per punch
5 Seconds
Creeper Queen's First Bomb Creeper Queen strikes the target and transmutes the target into a bomb. The initial hit deals a pitiful amount of damage, but when used again after successfully striking an opponent, the target will explode for a superior amount of damage. This is not affected by range.
Pitiful Damage (Punch)
2.5 damage and under
Superior Damage
 60 damage
7 Seconds
Sheer Heart Attack Creeper Queen deploys its secondary bomb/substand, Sheer Heart Attack. When deployed, it follows the target closet to it excluding the user of its respective Creeper queen and when close enough, will explode the target with incredible force. Sheer Heart Attack itself has only 100HP, but has a 90% damage reduction. Easily countered by time stops, Over Heavens, The Hand, and King Crimson: AU.Incredible Strength

Incredible Strength 30 damage

25 Seconds
(Once SHA is destroyed)
Explosive Minecoin Throw Creeper Queen transmutes a coin into a bomb, then throws the coin. If the coin hits a target, you can activate the bomb by pressing the detonate button (R) while also delivering a moderate explosion to the target. However, this move is easy to dodge.
Pitiful Damage
5 damage and under
Moderate Damage
 60 damage
35 seconds
Creeper Explosion After finding out some snot-nosed Steve discovered your true identity, you throw a superior punch right through their chest, while secretly planting a bomb on them that you can detonate using R, now you can finally roam easy, knowing that no one knows the identity of Creeper Queen. This move also deals 20 damage for the punch.
Superior Strength (Strong Punch)
40 damage
Superior Damage
 60 damage
35 seconds

Evolved Forms:

LMB + DIO's Diary - Steve Platinum (DELETED)

This form was originally obtainable by using DIO's Diary, but it has since been removed due to the removal of Steve Platinum. Steve Platinum has been replaced with a newer stand, Star Platinum: The World.


If you’re new with Creeper Queen, use this as a guide.

  • R > Y > F > R Medium
  • F > Y Easy
  • R > F > Y > R Medium
  • Y > E > R Easy (maintain a short distance range between you and your enemies).
  • R > Y > E Easy
  • F > R > R > R > Y > R Easy
  • R > R > E (For 4 Seconds) > F > R

Pros and Cons:


  • Incredible damage output.
  • Sheer Heart Attack.
  • Has simple but effective combos.
  • Can easily kill a player with all bombs used on.


  • High cooldowns.
  • Struggles against opponents with great damage output and or superior combat speed.
  • Bad against OH's due to their high health and healing.


  • Creeper Queen was part of a Minecraft evolution tree. However, it no longer can be evolved due to the removal of Steve Platinum. You could’ve used DIO's diary on it.
  • All bombs bypass block, which is good if your opponent likes to play on the safe side.
  • Used to be Very Rare in early 2019 before they changed 0.2% to 1.0% in Arrows.
  • Has "Revenge" by CaptainSparklez as a pose music (a parody of the Dj got us falling in love again by Usher).
  • This will be replaced by Skeleton Queen.
  • This stand has lost lots of worth since Steve Platinum is removed.
  • Creeper Queen was the first shiny stand added to the game; being made by corolla - An ex Developer of the game.
  • This stand is often used as an alternative to the original Killer Queen since when they have Requiem Obtained, there's no other way to access the normal Killer Queen but rather Killer Queen: Bites The Dust.
  • This Stand doesn't have a "Requiem" form, unlike its non-shiny counterpart.
  • You can hear a sizzling (creeper nearly blowing up) sound if you detonate a bomb with this stand.
  • Usually less trading value than other shiny stands.
  • When Creeper Queen still had the move "Bites The Dust", when activated it will play "Revenge" in the part where it says: "Eyes eyes, cuz' baby tonight".
  • As of the music update, Creeper Queen has its pose music back.
  • It was confirmed on the official ABD discord that Creeper Queen would be removed and changed to "Skeleton Queen".
  • This replacement is not Minecraft related, it is in the anime of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. Specifically when Killer Queen is first summoned and has a skeleton face.
  • This is the last obtainable Minecraft/Meme stand after Skeleton Queen.


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