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"I will not forgive anyone who insults my hair, no matter who it is!" - Josuke Higashikata (Jōsuke Higashikata, 東方 仗助)


Crazy Diamond is the Stand of Josuke Higashikata, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

With the stand's main ability being its restoration powers, this stand is mostly used for healing other fellow players. However, it is also viable for combat, due to its passives and it dealing high amounts of damage when it's used properly. This Stand also has two shiny counterpart of itself: Crazy Ruby and Crazy Melon.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 16.5% chance (C-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for both of its shinies, there is a ~0.07% chance (S+ Tier percentage) of obtaining either of them.


Crazy Diamond is humanoid, with a muscular build and tall stature. Clad in tall headgear, part of a mask; and armor-like plates covering many surfaces of its body, similar to the armor seen on The World. As for its shiny, Crazy Ruby has the cyan, pink and grey are replaced with shades of red and gold, as well as some bits of green.

Cables join the back of its head to its upper back. It bears a heart motif between the top of its head, its chin, shoulders, celiac plexus, belt, and knees; with pairs of short spikes protruding from its shoulders and ankles.

Its most common color scheme consists of a bubblegum pink interior and light blue or silver armor. It has multiple irides with a ripple-pattern on its eyes, and its "flesh" and armor seemed to be inverted in which layer of it they resided on, giving its "flesh" the appearance of some sort of membrane.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The lower your health is, the higher damage you deal. The default damage multiplier is 0.75x. Every % of your max health you lose, you deal an extra 0.01x damage. The cap is 1.75x damage.

Note: This passive will also affect the speed of the Wall Creation ability. The lower you are, the faster it will be.

Passive B
Stand Mastery
Most moves will work without having your stand manifested. The only exceptions are Restoration Mode, LMB Attack, and Stand Jump.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
DORA Barrage
Crazy Diamond starts rapidly punching their opponents 40 times with extreme speed and superior power.
Moderate to Godly Strength
3.75 to 6.7 damage
6 seconds
DORA Strike
Crazy Diamond charges its right fist and punches their opponent with incredible power.
Good to Godly Strength
26.25 to 45.9 damage
8 seconds
Bearing Shot
Crazy Diamond holds a small steel bearing in their hand and flicks it away with their finger dealing incredible damage on contact.
Good Damage
25 damage
10 seconds
Return Punch
Crazy Diamond again charges its fist and hits their opponent back a good distance dealing great damage, but this time the opponent will instead return to their original position.
Good to Incredible Damage
22.5 to 39.3 damage
15 seconds
Restoration Mode
Crazy Diamond enables its restoration mode, changing its T and Y move, as well as giving E and R healing properties, instead of damaging properties.
No Damage
No Cooldown

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Restorative DORA Barrage
Crazy Diamond performs another rapid 40 punches barrage but now healing its target for a superior amount of damage with every hit.
Moderate to Godly Healing Strength
3.75 to 6.7 HP healed per punch
6 seconds
Restorative DORA Punch
Crazy Diamond performs a hard punch, healing their target for an incredible amount of damage.
Good to Godly Healing Strength
26.25 to 45.9 HP healed
8 seconds
Glass Shard
Crazy Diamond holds a glass shard in their hand with the blood of their enemy on it, and with its restoration mode it fires the now controllable glass shard away to chase its opponent dealing superior damage on impact. This is NOT a healing move.
Good Strength
25 damage
10 seconds
Wall Creation
Crazy Diamond starts a rapid punching barrage towards the ground, the ground shatters and multiple pieces then fly up into the air, now with its restoration mode, Crazy Diamond punches all the pieces connecting them into a solid wall. After several seconds, the wall will crumble. (currently disabled)
No Damage
10 seconds

Removed Abilities

F + H - Double Restoration Punch

Crazy Diamond charges its fists and punches their opponent dealing great damage while returning them back to you and punches them again. Together they deal superior damage. (You cannot move while using this skill)

Battle Strategies

General Battle Strategies

Crazy Diamond is a high damage stand with good combo moves and very large damage output at low amounts of health, with Passive A being currently glitched (as of 5/13/2022) being at very low health lets you do ~128 damage with your R punch at VERY low amounts of health making it able to fight Over Heaven stands and other high health stands if you can dodge moves quickly and get moves in fast.


Use these combos as a beginners guide/starters for using the stand:

  • Y + R Easy
  • Y + R + F + T Easy
  • F + Y + T Easy (Currently broken)
  • Y + E + R + F + T Medium
  • E + Y + R + F + T + F + E Hard
  • F + Y + F + R + F + LMB (To heal them up) + F + E Easy
  • Y + E(Hold) + R + T Easy
  • F + Y + F + Y + E Easy (Currently broken)
  • F + Y (Jump on the wall and when your enemy gets closer fall from the wall and use) F + Y + R + F + T (Currently broken)
  • Y + R + F + T + F + E + R Medium
  • F + Y + F + R + T + E + Y Hard (Currently broken)
  • Y + R + T Easy
  • E (Hold) + Y + R + T Easy
  • F + Y + R + Y + E Medium (Currently broken)

Pros and Cons


  • Best Healer in the game.
  • Godly damage at low health.
  • Can create a wall, allowing it to block certain projectiles.
  • Great passives.
  • Great for being a teammate.
  • Unpredictable due to Passive B.
  • Good for farming Dio Brando


  • Can't heal user.
  • Mediocre projectile.
  • You are unable to move while building a wall.
  • Wall move is currently broken
  • Can get quite predictable and easy to dodge after a while.
  • T is not affected by Passive A, so the damage always stays the same.


Crazy Diamond:

  • When posing, Diamond Is Unbreakable, the theme of Josuke Higashikata will play.
  • Crazy Diamond is one of the first stands to come out during ABD's release.
  • On 2/12/2020, Crazy Diamond got a major revamp, in which the stand gained the passive ability, Vengeance/"Bring out....your Killer Queen!"
  • This Stand's name is a reference to Pink Floyd's song, Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
  • If you press F then press Q, your character gets the healing aura Crazy Diamond gets.
  • Crazy Diamond and Shadow The World shares the same trait partially, in the case of manifesting without having your stand out.
  • This is one of the few stands in the game that can change its moveset. Other stands/specs that can do this are Shadow The World, Anubis, King Crimson (Two Arm Doppio), Tusk ACT4, Gold Experience, and Silver Chariot (Requiem includes different abilities).
  • Unlike other stands or specs, Crazy Diamond has only 1 voice line, which is "I won't let anyone get away with making fun of my hair, no matter who it is!"The only other stand that only has 1 voice line is King Crimson (Doppio).
  • Crazy Diamond used to have a different voice line. "This is going to be great."
  • When using Crazy Diamond's wall creation move the wall changes colors depending on where you're standing. (It may even take the color of a person's torso if you stand on them).
  • Crazy Diamond's fists have a pale pink trail that follows it, but it's hardly noticeable unless it's barraging.
  • When on low HP, Crazy Diamond heals others faster because of its passive A.
  • This Stand is currently the Fastest Healer in the whole game (Admin Stands Excluded)
  • Crazy Diamond will be reworked in the future.
  • All of Crazy Diamond's Combat and Restorative moves (except for Y) share cooldown.
  • As of the v3.0.0e update, this stand and its shiny variant got a remodel.
  • The new CD/R model resembles that of the Diamond is Unbreakable 2017 live action movie
  • Hit effects progressively get bigger as Passive A takes effect.
  • Whether it's intentional or a glitch Passive A doesn't have a cap, meaning that a player would do extremely high damage at very low health. It's also unknown if this effects every version of Crazy Diamond, meaning that only the shiny versions could have it or just non-shiny Crazy Diamond.

Crazy Ruby:

  • Crazy Ruby was added on 8/21/2020. (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Crazy Ruby is seen in the Anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • To be more exact, Crazy Diamond with the color scheme of Crazy Ruby appeared in episode 1 of Diamond is Unbreakable when Josuke saves a hostage held by a burglar possessed by Aqua Necklace.
  • Sometimes called CR4 (since Chariot Requiem has the same abbreviation).
  • Crazy Ruby has dark red eyes, instead of blue eyes like Crazy Diamond has.
  • Crazy Ruby has a red healing aura around it when you press F.
  • Crazy Ruby will play the Pink Floyd song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" when posing. Crazy Diamond's name is also a reference to said song.