"This is resolve! It is to carve out your destined path through the darkened wastes!n Giorno Giovanna Joruno Jovanna, ジョルノジョヴァンナの)


Cracked Gold Experience is a reskin and shiny version of Gold Experience, referred to in the trading community as CGE. Unlike normal Gold Experience, when using a Requiem Arrow, it will transform into Universal Gold Experience Requiem, the same way normal Gold Experience can become Gold Experience Requiem.

This Stand can be obtained by using a Stand Arrow on the user with a precise 0.2% chance to get among all Stands, or in other words, a relative 20% chance from the 1% (S+ Tier) chance Arrow's Stand Pool.


Just like Gold Experience, it is a humanoid Stand of slender build and average height, with the exception of having several cracks on its face, torso, arm, legs, and chest. The top of its head is similar to that of a typical helmet of a soldier, with curved markings similar to the letter J coming down from the eyes on both sides. There are stylized wings on its shoulders and large ladybugs all over its body.

Its design is based on the Scarab Beetle, as a symbol of creation in ancient Egypt, and on ladybugs, symbolizing regeneration, with its angel wings as a symbol of peace. It also wears slings, similar to suspenders.

Befitting its name, Gold Experience is portrayed in most media featuring it in a shade of yellow, but changing colors for some of its details, most notably its ladybugs' ornaments.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Golden Wind
All hits taken from Cracked Gold Experience will slow the enemy down, and changing their screen color. All hits also leave a red color effect.
Passive B
The Cycle of Life
The lower your health bar is, the more potent the life you create is. By default, it is set at 1x capacity. Every 10% of your max health you lose, you gain 0.125x life creation strength, meaning it will cap at 2.125x strength at 10% of your maximum health. This strengthens your targeted healing and the entities that Cracked Gold Experience creates.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
MUDA Barrage
Cracked Gold Experience barrages the enemy with moderate strength. This has a slightly shorter cooldown than most other barrage attacks.
Moderate Strength
2 to 3 damage per punch
4 seconds
Prohibiting MUDA Blow
Cracked Gold Experience strikes the enemy, dealing moderate damage, while also throwing them backwards. However, when the enemy recovers from the blow, they are slowed down and stunned for 2 seconds.

Originally, this move had the ability to punch the opponent’s soul out, making them vulnerable to damage. This was removed because of the many bugs it caused and, quite possibly, it was too powerful.

Moderate Strength
Under 25 damage
6 Seconds
Life Creation: Piranha
Cracked Gold Experience produces a white, colorless piranha from the palm of its user's right hand. The player will hold it there until the T key is pressed again. When the piranha is thrown, it will auto track and bite the nearest target in a small radius. If the piranha cannot find any targets nearby, it will instead launch itself in the direction you are facing. The range is about the same as Surprise Attack from Silver Chariot. This can go after dummies.

Note: You cannot move while using it. If the target successfully times and avoids the piranha by jumping and rolling, the piranha will despawn before biting its target.

Good Damage
20-29 damage
6 Seconds
Prohibiting Combo
Cracked Gold Experience kicks the opponent in the clock (useful for hitting enemies who are lying flat on the ground), then strikes them with a right uppercut to keep a distance.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
8 seconds
Life Creation: Frog
Cracked Gold Experience puts a frog on the user that reflects all damage. It doesn't seem to work on Gold Experience Requiem or Over Heaven stands. The user can attack while using this (And move). The frog can be hard to see. The cooldown is 15 seconds.

Note: This does not work on Dio Brando or DIO, Gold Experience Requiem or Over Heaven Stands.

No Damage
15-20 seconds
Cracked Gold Experience will heal anybody that touches with its left hand. This can be used to support team members in a battle. This has a similar animation to a punch but with a green trail.
No Damage
16 Seconds
Self-Life Restoration
Cracked Gold Experience glides in front of the user, rotates around so that it is facing the user, and heals the user with its left arm, healing a great amount.
No Damage
16 seconds
Cioccolata Beatdown/7 Page Muda
This attack only works at 46HP and lower. Cracked Gold Experience strikes the target. Anyone hit will be pulled into the range of the user and will be beaten down with a MUDA Barrage for 7 seconds, then knocked away using a Prohibiting Blow. Unfortunately, if your opponent blocks the attack, the 7 Page Muda will do much less damage. It's a good idea to lower your opponent's health before attacking due to the block-ability and long cooldown.
Godly Damage
100+ damage
40 seconds
"The Power of the Arrow!"
Cracked Gold Experience stabs himself with a Requiem Arrow, unleashing its requiem form, Universal Gold Experience Requiem. It replenishes your health and you remain as Gold Experience Requiem for 100 seconds.

Note: This move can only be used if you have obtained a Requiem Arrow, or if you have Requiem Obtained.

No Damage
120 seconds

Evolved Forms:

B - Universal Gold Experience Requiem

Gold Experience stabs with the user, unleashing its requiem form, Universal Gold Experience Requiem. It makes your health full and you can use Gold Experience Requiem for 2 minutes. You can use it at the start with a 2 minute cool down.

Note: You need to obtain a Requiem Arrow / Requiem Obtained: True to use this move.

Battle Strategy:

General Combat Knowledge:

Cracked Gold Experience is a close-ranged fighter that excels in outputting high damage along with high healing. As long as the user has a little bit of patience and strategy, Cracked Gold Experience can be a deadly versatile opponent and excels as few others do. It's great as a punisher should the enemy get to close, but it'll only be flexible should you watch your cooldowns and health. Cracked Gold Experience is easily overcome by Stands with greater damage output and speed. You must have good game-sense and be able to tell when to approach and when to back away for a quick heal and cooldown reset.


The main move you'll be using is the R, Prohibiting Blow. It has a short cooldown, does decent damage, makes them unable to attack, it has a decent range, etc. This will be your main punisher, but you need to have a good sense of timing or else it'll miss. It also lines up other moves well, such as 7 Second Muda and MUDA Barrage. Something equally as important is your V + Y, Life Restoration. As long as you manage it well, you can keep the fight going in your favor for as long as you want with its fantastic healing prowess, however, if you're in a desperate situation and you don't have Life Restoration's cooldown recharged, you can use Requiem Transformation to heal yourself. In-case if your enemy is trying to run, you can use the Fish Throw Move which slows down the opponent.


  • R > E. Easy
  • R > H > J. Easy
  • H > R > E. Easy
  • F (Don't continue if the opponent doesn't attack) > R > H (or E only if you have enough time or either the enemy isn't lying flat) Medium
  • R > H > T Easy
  • H > R > T Easy
  • R > H > B > F > E(Hold) Medium
  • R > H > E Easy
  • F > T Easy
  • E > R > H > T (And if you're low enough J) Medium
  • H > E > R Easy
  • E > R Easy

Pros and Cons:


  • Your frog move can be an incredible punish tool.
  • 7 Page Muda does a massive amount of damage.
  • Requiem can be used for a full heal.
  • A Healer.


  • Low Combo potential.
  • Your T can easily get distracted by other players instead of your intended target.
  • H move is hard to land, due to the hitboxes.
  • Low Durability, making you easy to get killed.


  • Voice lines: to play voice lines press N. CGE's voice lines are: "I told you not to make me say the same thing.", "Looks like i have no other choice!", and, "I Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!".
  • When hitting a target, the hit effect particle will be of a dark red color.
  • When posing, the piano part of Giorno's theme, "Il Vento d'oro", will play in a radius around you.
  • Tip: Trying to trade GER/UGER won't work if you trade with someone with it activated it will go back to CGE/GE and not give the player the Requiem Arrow's abilities.
  • If you press & hold E and SPAM G after it, you can move while posing. This can go with other stands.
  • In v2.0.0 CGE got reworked.
  • CGE's design is based on GE's requiem transformation in the manga/anime, where GE's outer layer appears to crack and fall off.
  • CGE is the replacement of Toxic Experience, Volcanic Gold Experience, and Gold Experience Ruby.
  • It used to have the Requiem Face on the user but was removed in an update.
  • Sometime after the Easter-update, the Eyeball that was exposed in one of the holes on CGE was removed, leaving it just black.
  • The design of this stand is based on Giorno's fight with Diavolo when Diavolo destroys Gold Experience.
  • You are capable of moving during your beat down. All you need is a Shadow and a CGE. The Shadow will lower you. Once they lower you, hit them during their H, or get hit by their Y. Then, before the slow effect ends, use BD. You can glitch and fling people with this.
  • There is a broken glitch in which where you can do the 7 PAGE MUDA to a vampiric minion in which you can glitch through the beatdown and gain IMMORTALITY FOREVER as long as you don't reset or leave the game. But, this glitch has gone through some downsides in which your avatar will not turn.
  • This is considered the "rarest" shiny stand, not because it's harder to get, but because it's the highest demand of all the shiny stands.


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"I told you not to make me say the same thing." 
  "I Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!" 
"Looks like I have no other choice!" 

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