A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Welcome to the "A Bizarre Day" Fandom Community!

Here, you can find blog posts and discussions of topics relating to the game. Things such as fan-made stands and general discussions about the game can be found here. Links to the official sites for the game can be found here as well. Although the Fandom provides information about the stands and other various mechanics of the game, the official links, such as the Discord and Trello, provide the latest updates and changes to the game.

Below are various links that redirect you the different communities of the game.

Fandom Links

These are links related to the community of this wiki and not the official game. These include discussions and polls for the game, while blog posts mostly include Fan-made stands.

Official Links

These are links to the larger community of "A Bizarre Day". Apps such as Discord and Trello are linked below. Discord is where the majority of the fan community hangs out. Things like trade offers, updates, polls (voting for changes to the game), and many other things are included here.

Trello is where most of the information of the game comes from, and where most of the information on this wiki originally came from. There is also a link to the main game, where you can interact with the community inside the game itself.