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Commands can be seen in almost every Roblox game. They can be used for emotes, banning, kicking, etc. However, commands in A Bizarre Day are a bit different, as the game has commands involving checking and trading Stands and revealing the ping of the user.

Commands that are used to ban and kick players were never revealed. Furthermore, only admins and moderators of the game could have access to those commands, and it would be abusive if everyone were to have commands like !ban or !kick.

Adonis Commands

Adonis is a script made by Sceleratis. Its purpose is to assist in the Moderation and Administration of ROBLOX and game servers.



Calls an admin for help. If they accept it, they will teleport to the players location. Otherwise the command will return "Sorry there is no one available to help you right now."

Note: This command will only work if the admin is in the server.


A random quote will appear on the screen from someone. Here's a list of quotes:

  • "It does not matter how slowly go as long as you do not stop." -Confucius;
  • "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it." -Chinese Proverb;
  • "I'll be with you... even if you can't see me," Little Foot's Mother Before Time;


This command shows how much ping you have. It resets every 3 seconds. You can move it around and scale it.


This command gives you a virtual notepad, you can write everything that you think is important.


This command makes you leave the server and rejoin (people often use this to evade TS).

Note: This command doesn't work if that user is on a VIP server.

!kick (Player name)

Kicks a Specific player from the VIP Server. They can still join back even after getting Kicked.

Note: You have to be the owner of the VIP Server to use this Command.


This command plays meme music such as a part of "Auf und auf voll Lebenslust". Narwhal Song made by Mrweebl. You Are a Pirate from Lazy Town and Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It."

You can have a listen here:

Auf und auf voll Lebenslust:

Narwhal Song:

You are a Pirate:

JUST DO IT meme:

Note: Please note that not every commands is noted here.

Emote Commands

These are animated actions that are activated using the "/e" chat system. Some are dances, others are just gestures. Here is a list of a few and what they will do (case sensitive): 


Default Emotes:

  • /e ascend
  • /e minecraft
  • /e dorime
  • /e defaultdance 
  • /e orangejustice
  • /e greenguy 
  • /e gangdance
  • /e tpose
  • /e goopiedance
  • /e chill1
  • /e chill2
  • /e chill3
  • /e sitting1
  • /e sitting2
  • /e sitting3
  • /e sitting4
  • /e sitting5
  • /e patting

Emote Pack 1 (Gamepass):

  • /e wry
  • /e smugdance
  • /e bow
  • /e yawn
  • /e L
  • /e facepalm
  • /e kazotsky
  • /e caramell
  • /e dab
  • /e carlson

Emote Pack 2 (Gamepass):

  • /e lol
  • /e boogie
  • /e clubpenguin
  • /e distract
  • /e pocoyo
  • /e egirl
  • /e dies
  • /e mannrobics
  • /e chaotic
  • /e breakdance

The link to buying the gamepasses can be found here: Pack 1 and Pack 2

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