Stands can be obtained by using a stand arrow on yourself. They can be removed with a Rokakaka Fruit. Stand are however, not specs. Other stands, such as Shiny Stands, Admin Stands or Unobtainable Stands either can’t be obtained by using a simple arrow but rather evolving it with an Item, being an admin or a moderator, or is just simply unobtainable since it hasn't been released/is unobtainable at the moment.

Below are the stands that are obtainable, unreleased or just unobtainable due to it being an admin stand that only the staff of the game can obtain.

Existing Stands:

Basic Stands:

Shiny Stands:

Unreleased Stands:

Admin Stands:

Origins of Stands:

A Stand is an entity psychically generated by its proprietor, generally referred to as a Stand User. It is viewed as a visual manifestation of the User's fighting spirit. A Stand can also represent the manifestation of an individual's innate "fighting spirit" and embodies, to an extent, the individual's psyche. However, Stands may also derive through the exploration of possibilities and expression of the mind, in which case, only a large amount of mental strength is required. When a User acquires their Stand, their control over it is partly instinctual but needs practice.

In most cases, Stand Users are either born with their Stands or with the potential to unlock one later in life. Without this potential, a person can not achieve a Stand through natural means. For those born with it, the trigger for unlocking one's Stand varies with the user, but is, as mentioned, usually derived through intense mental strength.

Abilities (Manga/Anime):

Each Stand possesses supernatural properties as well as a special, unique power, indirectly granting its User superhuman abilities:

  • In general, a Stand is invisible to normal humans, yet can interact with normal objects. It allows the User to use their Stand unnoticed by a large majority of the population. The mundane use of a Stand has been likened to a poltergeist phenomenon by normal people. Even a Stand's power is invisible for ordinary humans; for instance, normal people cannot see Magician's Red's flames, but can feel its heat.
  • A Stand is invulnerable to any harm except against another Stand. It usually means that the only person capable of defeating a Stand User is another Stand user.
  • Stands possess intangibility. It is uncommon but not unheard of for Stand Users to channel their Stands inside their bodies to protect themselves, using their Stand's superhuman durability to their advantage. It is even more uncommon for Stands to phase through objects, but the possibility exists.
  • As psychic projections, Users can also communicate through their Stands. Barring rare exceptions, a Stand User typically shares their consciousness with their Stand and is able to see through its eyes. Moreover, a Stand User can also speak through their Stand, enabling a form of distant communication. However, the Stand must have a mouth or otherwise be able to speak to do so.
  • Users possess the ability to shrink their Stands to a microscopic level, but the one time it was shown, Polnareff indicated that it was difficult to manipulate the Stand at such a subtle level, and that it was taxing to maintain the small size, making that property impractical in most cases.

Ability of Stands:

Close-Range Stand:

  • These Stands are known for being able to inflict powerful and/or swift physical attacks with their bodies. Typically, a close-range Stand's destructive power and speed rank somewhere between A-C. They are also capable of movements requiring a high degree of precision as their User is directly commanding them. As a downside, these Stands have to stay within small proximity of their Users, though their own abilities may have a greater range. These Stands will generally obey their users' will.
  • The User of a Close-Range Stand generally prefers to confront their opponents directly, allowing their Stand's superior might to shine, while also bypassing their short reach. However, most are nearly powerless against an opponent who is either out of reach or hidden.
  • A Stand being a Close-Range Stand doesn't necessarily mean that its ability has a short-range. Some Stands may not be able to go far away from their User but have an ability that influences a large zone around them.

Long-Range Stands:

  • Also known as a Remote Control Stand, These Stands are defined by a greater-than average range, some Long-Distance Stands being able to go kilometers away from their Users; thus they are typically ranked A or B in Range. Moreover, the User is able to command their movement with good precision. On the other hand, the remaining link between User and Stand means injuring the Stand will damage the User as well and most of these Stands aren't a physical match for other types of Stands.
  • The User of Long-Distance Stand will typically exploit their greater range and precision to set up favorable ambushes and kill/injure the enemy before they can retaliate. The User may find themselves vulnerable if caught with their Stand far away from them.
  • A Stand being a Long-Distance Stand doesn't mean its ability has automatically a great range. Some Stands can fly far from their Users but still only affect something close with their powers.

Appearance of Stands:

Natural Humanoid

Stands in this category have physical characteristics similar to human beings. Examples can be Killer Queen, Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum.

Artificial Humanoid

While also having humanoid-like bodies, Stands in this category will often feature artificial or mechanical nuances that separate them from natural humanoids. Examples can be Silver Chariot and Hierophant Green.

Natural Non-Humanoid

This category features Stands that, while not human-like, are reminiscent of other lifeforms or objects in nature. This includes basic organisms such as animals and plants, but also more unorthodox concepts such as fog. One example can be Sex Pistols, a pistol with living beings that controls the bullets.

Artificial Non-Humanoid

Stands comparable to instruments or mechanical objects are placed in this category. This includes vehicles, weapons, and machines. For instance, weapons like Anubis and The Emperor.

Phenomenon Appearance

Stands in this category typically either don't have clear appearances or are integrated into their user's appearance. A example can be Mr. President, a stand that doesn't have a clear appearance of its user.

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