"DIO! He has consistently shown up in all of my spirit photos!" - Joseph Joestar using his Stand, Hermit Purple on a camera (Josefu Jōsutā, ジョセフ・ジョースター)


The Camera is an item that can drop when you kill DIO. The camera can be used to evolve Vampiric The World into Shadow The World.

The camera has a simple design, it is just a normal design model of a camera mesh. Its colors are grey and black.


  • The Camera has a 1/10 chance of spawning from DIO once defeated.
  • This item does not despawn.
  • It cannot be obtained from a Trowel
  • You cannot buy it from the shop. 
  • It doesn’t drop from Funny Valentine, or Dio Brando.  


  • When you use the camera, it plays a sound similar to a camera taking a picture.
  • The camera was at one point the rarest item, with a spawn chance of 1/200 every 45 minutes, but was later changed to be a drop from DIO with a 1/10 chance. This made Shadow The World lose most of its rarity.
  • This is one of the most sought for items in the game, the other being the Monochromatic Sphere.
  • On the camera's lens, the texture can be seen.
  • This item has increased rarity since DIO is way harder to kill after the rework.
  • When held out, the camera will be slightly turned in an angle unlike other items

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