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Bob, also known as the fishing Noob, is a sad NPC located in Grassy Bay. Near Tom's Shack.

In appearance, Bob has a blue torso, green legs and yellow arms and head. Similar to that of a “Noob”. In his hands, you can see a fishing rod. Probably purchased on the Fishing Rod Store In The Pier. You can also notice that he's faceless. But because his head is tilted. Everyone thinks that he's sad.


  • Bob simply sits in front of a rock fishing. However, on the first few hours of the Map update he was sitting under a tree.
  • Behind him is a sign that reads "I suggest distance."
  • Bob's sign used to read "It's your fault if you fall in".
  • Bob used to have a face. In the ROBLOX Catalog/Avatar Shop it's called Tired Face.
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