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So I dyed my hair..

The other day I dyed my hair blue and black since I thought it would be cool y'know? The only problem with this was that my family was out the day I decided to do this and I had to use leftover dye I had left to dye my hair. I also decided to dye my hair by myself. Which was a huge mistake. I look like a smurf guys. The dye stained my skin and I cannot get it out for the life of me.

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Noob019298 Noob019298 14 September 2021

Every ABD Update

  • 1 V2.0.0a
  • 2 V2.0.0b
  • 3 V2.0.0c
  • 4 V2.0.1
  • 5 V2.0.1A
  • 6 V2.0.1B
  • 7 V2.0.2
  • 8 V2.0.3
  • 9 V2.0.3a
  • 10 V2.0.4
  • 11 V2.0.5
  • 12 v2.0.5a
  • 13 V2.0.5a(a)
  • 14 V2.0.5b
  • 15 V2.0.6
  • 16 V2.0.6a
  • 17 V2.0.7
  • 18 V2.0.8
  • 19 V2.0.8a
  • 20 V2.0.8b
  • 21 V2.0.8c
  • 22 V2.0.8d
  • 23 V1.0.9
  • 24 V1.1.0
  • 25 V1.1.1
  • 26 V1.1.2
  • 27 V1.1.2a
  • 28 V1.1.3
  • 29 V1.1.4
  • 30 V1.1.4a

  • Nerfed Requiem Arrow spawns
  • Money will now despawn every 30 seconds and spawn every minute

  • hi yes moderators and admins get titles now
  • reverted money spawn to 2 minutes
  • money should disappear to everyone when clicked
  • new admin system which i hope works

  • increase spawnrates for roka and arrow down to 2 minutes
  • there was so much suffering in flooded servers

  • Reset money due to the glitch
  • Money now has a 1.5 minute spawn time
  • Money is a tool now (you need to pick it u…

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SomeWato SomeWato 2 August 2021

test B)

credit to gabonnie ig since i got the idea of this from their user profile

(ok lets pretend this never happened this is on the wrong wiki aaaaaa)

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Noob019298 Noob019298 26 July 2021

ABD Beta

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  • 1 D4C
    • 1.1 [E] - Chop Barrage
    • 1.2 [R + Cursor] - Combo
    • 1.3 [T] - Gun
    • 1.4 [Y if dead] - Switch
    • 1.5 [Y if an alternate self is in the Map] - Switch 2
    • 1.6 [Y if an alternate self is in the Map] - Switch 2
    • 1.7 [F + Cursor] - Sponge
    • 1.8 [G] - alternate self
    • 1.9 [H + Cursor] - Target
    • 1.10 [Z] - Transportation
    • 1.11 [V + Cursor] - Teleportation
    • 1.12 [B if gained all Corpse parts] - Love Trains

D4C throws a short and quick barrage forward consisting of 45 chops.

  • Each chop deals 1.12 damage
  • CD 8 seconds

Once your close, D4C will throw a combo of 3 punches towards your target, starting with an uppercut, launching them to a short distance to the air, quick punch to the gut and finishing with a punch to slam them to the ground.

  • The first 2 punches deals 12 damage
  • Final punch deals 2…

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  • 1 The World: alternate Universe
    • 1.1 [Health - 264.3]
    • 1.2 [E] - Chop
    • 1.3 [R] - Leg Chop
    • 1.4 [T] - Knives Throw
    • 1.5 [Y] - "Such a waste.."
    • 1.6 [F] - Time Stop
    • 1.7 [G + Cursor] - "This is where the fun begins!"
    • 1.8 [H] - Wires
    • 1.9 [Z] - Silver Bullet
    • 1.10 [X + Hold if on the Horse] - Sprint
    • 1.11 [C] - Strong Punch
    • 1.12 [V + Cursor] - Teleportation
    • 1.13 [B] - G u n
    • 1.14 [J if your gun is out] - Reload

TW throws a quick punch forward at a good speed, deals no knockback but still ragdolls.

  • Deals 35 damage
  • CD 4 seconds

TW throws a chop forward, targeted for the leg which would chop it away, slowing your target down for 4 seconds.

  • Deals 45 damage
  • CD 6 seconds

You take out 5 knives then throws them forward.

  • Each knives deals 6.25 damage
  • CD 12 seconds

Many woman will suddenly surround yo…

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Jello chariot Jello chariot 22 July 2021

PT.2 SC (fanmade moveset)

SC gains a red aura.

LMB- cushion combo: SC starts with a forward stab doing 8 damage, then 3 weak forward stabs with each doing 4, and ends on SC going 1 stud further and doing a mini stab barrage, consisting of 10 hits, with each doing 3, all attacks have a slight push effect. CD-8 (doing a consecutive LMB will not activate the CD, and will only activate once its either finished, or you took too long.)

E-Hora barrage (pierce mode):SC does a 4 second stab barrage consisting of 30 hits, and does 7 damage per stab, this attack pushes away the enemy. CD-6 (50 while H is on

R-Mouth pierce:SC and the user lunges 3 studs forwards, stabbing the opponents mouth, doing 20 damage, and deals DOT damage for 3 seconds, with each second doing 2, this att…

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Jello chariot Jello chariot 22 July 2021

Silver chariot (Fan made moveset concept)

So all my movesets got deleted with the comments, so now I'll be making them in blog post, and posting it on my message wall.

    • 1.1 Passives-
    • 1.2 passive A: slash or pierce- When spawning with SC, you would have to choose between two modes, slash or pierce. Choosing one will be your main way of using SC, and which mode you choose will change most of the moveset, and stand aura, you cannot change modes until you die, to where you will be able to choose again.
    • 1.3 END OF PASSIVE
    • 1.4 END OF ATTACK

passive B: same abilities- some moves will remain the same in the moveset, despite which mode you choose.

Attacks-Slash model

SC gains a blue aura

LMB-slash combo: SC starts with a quick horizontal slash, another LMB does two quick but weak…

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  • 1 [Health - 300]
  • 2 [all acts]
    • 2.1 [B] - act Switch
    • 2.2 [V + Hold] - Nail Glide
    • 2.3 [Z] - Slow Dancer
    • 2.4 [V + Hold if on a Horse] - Sprint
    • 2.5 [Y] - Tea
    • 2.6 [H] - Determination
  • 3 [Before act 4]
    • 3.1 [Passive A] - Spin User
    • 3.2 [Passive B] - Crippled
  • 4 [Obtained act 4]
    • 4.1 [Passive] - Spin Master
    • 4.2 [Z + B] - act 4
  • 5 [act 1]
    • 5.1 [E] - Triple Nail shot
    • 5.2 [R] - Nail Chop
    • 5.3 [T] - Basic Nail Shot
    • 5.4 [F] - Chop Combo
    • 5.5 [G + Hold] - Nail Barrage
  • 6 [act 2]
    • 6.1 [Passive a2] - Nothingness
    • 6.2 [E + Cursor] - Holes Shot
    • 6.3 [R + Hold] - Orbiting Nails
    • 6.4 [T] - Continuous Nail Shot
    • 6.5 [F + Cursor] - Triple Hole Shot
    • 6.6 [G + Cursor] - Leg Cut
  • 7 [act 3]
    • 7.1 [Passive a3] - Untouchable
    • 7.2 [E] - Golden Rotation Shot
    • 7.3 [R + Cursor] - "That hole..."
    • 7.4 [T + Cursor] - Drag
    • 7.5 [F + Cursor] - "Good, I can shoo…
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SossyBaka SossyBaka 14 July 2021


  • 1 "One by one, each of you shall fall in line, as I scatter your atomic fragments across the deepest recesses of the void." - Vanilla Ice (Vanira Aisu, ヴァニラ・アイス)
    • 1.1 Summary
    • 1.2 Passives
    • 1.3 VOID: OFF
    • 1.4 VOID: ON
    • 1.5 Trivia
      • 1.5.1 Cream:
      • 1.5.2 Retro Cream:
    • 1.6 Gallery

Cream is the stand of Vanilla Ice, an antagonist in the 3rd part, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It's ability is to turn into a spherical portal of its void dimension to erase everything in its path.

to obtain Cream, you must use a Stand Arrow with a 4% chance. Cream also has a shiny called Retro Cream which can be obtained through the standard 1% chance from an arrow.


If you walk past someone in Void Mode, you will deal 16.5 damage to the person who you walked past thro…

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  • 1 [Doppio Spec]
    • 1.1 [Health 202.5]
    • 1.2 [Passive] - Split Personality
    • 1.3 [Q] - Ground Slam
    • 1.4 [E + Hold] - Barrage
    • 1.5 [R] - Strong Punch
    • 1.6 [T] - Scalpel Throw
    • 1.7 [F] - Epitath
    • 1.8 [G] - "Get your hands off me!"
    • 1.9 [H + Cursor] - Scissor Dismemberment
    • 1.10 [Z + Hold] - Sprint
    • 1.11 [Quotes]
  • 2 [Diavolo Spec]
    • 2.1 [Health - 186.2]
    • 2.2 [Passive] - Transformation
    • 2.3 [E] - Chop
    • 2.4 [R] - Heavy Punch
    • 2.5 [T + Cursor] - "The ones who sees King Crimson!"
    • 2.6 [Y] - Epitath
    • 2.7 [F] - Time Erase
    • 2.8 [F + Y if below 85% health] - Blood Blind
    • 2.9 [G] - "What you saw and touched was your future self!"
    • 2.10 [H if below 30% health] - "YOU'RE FINISHED!"
    • 2.11 [Z + Cursor] - Teleportation
    • 2.12 [V + Movement] - Time Erase Dash

There is a Red Bar on the side of your screen, every time you hit something o…

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I'm bored

  • 1 Gold Experience
    • 1.1 [Health - 245.15]
    • 1.2 [Passive] - Life Giver
    • 1.3 [V] - Mode Change
    • 1.4 [H if below 25% health] - 7 Page Muda
    • 1.5 [B] - God Mode
    • 1.6 Z + Hold] - Joestar's secret technique
  • 2 [Moveset 1]
    • 2.1 [E] - Kick Barrage
    • 2.2 [R] - In the face
    • 2.3 [T] - Flying Fish
    • 2.4 [Y] - Heal
    • 2.5 [F] - "I told you to not make me say the same thing."
    • 2.6 [G] - Continuous Life Give
  • 3 [Moveset 2]
    • 3.1 [E + Hold] - Barrage
    • 3.2 [R] - Consciousness Override
    • 3.3 [T - Indirect] - "The bullet hit its target, Mista."
    • 3.4 [T - Direct] - "Did you really think you'd be that lucky?"
    • 3.5 [Y] - Self Heal
    • 3.6 [F (+ Hold Optional)] - Tree
    • 3.7 [G] - Piranhas
  • 4 [Requiem]
    • 4.1 [Health - 250]
    • 4.2 [Passive A] - Transformation
    • 4.3 [Passive B] - Life Giver
    • 4.4 [E + Hold] - Barrage
    • 4.5 [R] - Death Punch
    • 4.6 [T + Cursor] - Stone…
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Gabonnie Gabonnie 4 July 2021


remember when it was relevant?

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JoWaffles39 JoWaffles39 3 July 2021

Did they remove comments?

I'm looking on various pages and there's no comment section. Why?

I liked reading comments :(

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EndiJoe EndiJoe 1 July 2021

Shadow The World - Rework Suggestion

Obtaining - Use stand arrow on standless with 2%

HP: 185

Passives - None

Information - As it should be, it's weaker version of The World, that is why it's the first stand in TW family tree. To obtain basic TW, you must use Vampire Mask on STW.


-"Is that what you desire?"

-"Are you really watching me...?"

-"I understand that you have power, most of mortals dont."


M1s - Basic stand M1s [Blockable, 5 string combo]

Fierce Lunge (E) - The user lunges forward and strikes enemy, dealing 32.5 damage. [Blockable, combo extender]

Muda Strike (R) - The stand punches opponent, dealing 25 damage. [Knockback, blockbreaker]

Knife throw (T) - User throws 3 knives, each knife dealing 10 damage. [Blockable]

Sudden Punch (Y) - User teleports behind the en…

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DylanTheKaijuFan DylanTheKaijuFan 1 July 2021


Reference is fictional stand from the Henry Stickmin franchize, obviously paying homage to the attacks.

Attack 1: Rush of Enemy Falure: (Press E) (Barrage with 45-60 punches and 4-4.5 damage per hit.) (Cooldown) 4 Seconds

Attack 2: Ramming Punch (Press R) (Unleash a Battlecry and Ram into your enemy, causing a low 20-24 damage but insane knockback) (Cooldown) 7 Seconds

Attack 3: One Tiny Fist (Press Y) (Punch your enemy in rage, causes 35-43 damage) (Cooldown ) 9-7 seconds

Attack 4: Jab (Press H) (Quick, Tactical Jab) (Causes 21-27 damage (Cooldown) 6 Seconds

Attack 5: Rage Pound (Make your enemies feel your inner rage!) (Does 10+20 damage) (Cooldown) 18-14 seconds

Attack 6: NANI?! Void..... (N-Nani?!.....) (Does 50 damage also slows enemies …

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Bracken40 Bracken40 30 June 2021

about spr, tsp, heaven's door etc

shouldnt it be right to re-add star platinum requiem to the wiki? he's on the trello in unreleased stands alongside heaven's door (not added for some reason), six pistols (stupid since we've literally seen footage of it and its not on the wiki), aerosmith (100% confirmed) and metallica (maybe confirmed so it would be good to add them) true star platinum is okay i guess, it got cancelled. (would be nice to have them though for memories


  • 1 "If it's a fight you want, it's gonna be one hell of a fight I'm gonna bring." - Star Platinum Requiem (Sutā Purachina Rekuiemu, スタープラチナ・レクイエム )
    • 1.1 Summary
    • 1.2 Appearance
    • 1.3 Movesets/Abilities
    • 1.4 Trivia
    • 1.5 Gallery

Star Platinum Requiem is an unreleased, Non-canonical Stand that was shown in the ABD Discord Server's S…

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SomeWato SomeWato 10 June 2021

is a me cause yes

  • 1 “hehe is me” - The guy making this page
    • 1.1 Summary:
    • 1.2 Appearance:
    • 1.3 Movesets/Abilities:

The Defender of Chaos is a non-canon admin Spec belonging to Some_Wato, also having unique idle, run, jump and fall animations.

Due to it being not only being an admin Spec, being also fanmade, this Spec is unobtainable, and would only be accessible by the owner along with other ABD staff members, such as admins and developers other than Wato.

Unlike all the other admin abilities, the Defender of Chaos doesn't have incredible damage output nor large amounts of health.

The Defender of Chaos takes the form of a spiky reddish sword with a gray handle with a red gem on its hilt and a circular design on the guard, being the same as the UGC accessory Defender of Cha…

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JoWaffles39 JoWaffles39 4 June 2021

if you got acess to disc, pls ban this nerd

so i was playin abd and then BAM! exploiter

started inf killing me and only me

heres some screenshots

its zvjacky btw

pretty annoying

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Jello chariot Jello chariot 29 May 2021

Standless overheaven

Passive A: Overheaven- any attack you do can bypass most counters, including epitaph

Passive B: Thunder property- because of Overheaven, your attacks gain a thunder like power, that does a 3 second overtime time damage that does 1.5 damage every second, and slows you down, this can stack up to 3 times

Passive C: Enhanced being- your stats gain a boost, with strength being A+ strength, S+ speed, and A+ durability

Q- summon: The user releases a burst of energy, knocking back anyone in 10 stud radius, and giving you a white aura, signaling you activated your abilities. CD-4

E- Lightning warp: the user leans back their fist for 1 second, then suddenly warps 8 studs away from where they were, leaving a white electricity trail behind, anyone hit by …

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Shaun1015 Shaun1015 28 May 2021

Oasis Concept

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EternalGlow EternalGlow 21 May 2021

What I think makes good stands

Hi whos reading this! This is my blog on what I think makes good stands. Now ima get into it, just so you know ima be mentioning the same stand alot.

Now, you know if its a good stand if it does good damage, and has a lot of potential. Like starting combo's, having the ability to subdue opponents to START combo's, ragdoll moves and etc. Now I'll be getting into it a little more clearly.

  1. Great damage. You need to be able to do a good amount of damage so the other person doesn't have a chance to attack because by then they'll already be dead. You also need great damage because you will need to rely on those "good" damage moves which I'll get in to later on this post.
  2. Good combo potential. You need to be able to start and end combo's to finish …

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shit n stuff

[Health - 245.2]

[Click] - Normal Slices

You slice forward, followed by a quick stab then a low slash to stun your target then another slice which is followed by millions of other slash that would cut everything up except your target's balls. If the leg slash was used on someone below 30% health, the slash will cut off their legs for 12 seconds, slowing their movements to 4(From 16)

[E + Hold] - Rapier Barrage

SC stabs forward 30 times at a fast rate, each stab inflicts a 1 second stun.

  • 3.5 damage each
  • CD 4 seconds

[R] - "You're not the only one throwing stuff around!"

SC impales your target before flinging them to a great range away.

  • Impalement deals 30 damage
  • Fling deals 20 damage

[T + Cursor] - Unnamed attack 1

SC dashes towards your target and th…

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Doppioisbestboi Doppioisbestboi 7 May 2021

Purple Haze Distortion

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Movelist
    • 2.1 Passives
    • 2.2 Moveset

Purple Haze Distortion (PHD for short) is the evolved form of Purple Haze and the stand of Pannacotta Fugo, featured in the light novel "Purple Haze Feedback".

Passive A - Distortion

Purple Haze Distortion´s ability is to create a virus that devours other cells of the same virus, meaning that the virus released destroys itself over time. Basically the Virus lasts shorter but deals more damage.

E - Barrage

Same as my PH rework´s.


Same as my PH rework´s.

T - Capsule Launch

PHD launches one of its capsules at the user´s cursor, dealing 30 damage and dealing 6.5 damage per second for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 7.5 seconds.

Y - Virus Area

PHD punches the ground, releasing a deadly virus. Any player (including the us…

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Doppioisbestboi Doppioisbestboi 5 May 2021

Sex Pistols

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Movelist
    • 2.1 Passives
    • 2.2 Moveset
  • 3 External Links and Additional Info

Sex Pistols is the stand of Guido Mista, featued in Vento Aureo. The stand takes on the appearance of 6 humanoid figures, labeled No.1-No.7 (4 is left out). A common misconseption is the gun being a part of the stand. The gun is just a normal gun, modeled after the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Model 638 revolver.

Passive A - Reload

After six bullets are shot out the user automatically reloads.

Passive B - Resolve

If the user reaches 50% HP they enter Resolve Mode, boosting their bullet speed by 30%, their defense by 20% and their damage by 35%.

Q - Stand Summon/Desummon

E - Revolver Shot

The user shoots the revolver at the cursor, dealing 15 damage and affecting bleeding (affected …

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Doppioisbestboi Doppioisbestboi 29 April 2021

Pearl Jam

  • 1 Info
  • 2 Movelist
    • 2.1 Passives
      • 2.1.1 Sub-Passive 1 - Kitchen Equipment
      • 2.1.2 Sub Passive 2 - Food Cooking
    • 2.2 Moveset
      • 2.2.1 Stand Off Moveset if Knife is equipped:

Pearl Jam is the stand of Tonio Trussardi. It´s main ability is to inject food with itself, used to healing others. Therefore most of its damage comes from the user´s kitchen equipment.

Passive A - Cook

The user´s default spawn place is at Tonio´s Restaurant. This is vital due to various reasons:

When the user spawns, they have to do various things: 1 they have to choose which equipment they use. The stand on moveset remains the same, however, the stand off moveset is the main source of damage. There are two items available: A knife and a plate.

When the user spawns, they also have to cook some f…

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Doppioisbestboi Doppioisbestboi 26 April 2021

Heaven´s Door

  • 1 Basic Information
  • 2 Moveset
    • 2.1 Passives
    • 2.2 Movelist

Heaven´s Door is the stand of the famous Mangaka, Kishibe Rohan. Its ability is to transmute people (and objects, possibly) into books, allowing him to do several actions.

Passive A - Renowned Mangaka

Some of the houses contain books that you can draw in. See movelist for more info.

E + Hold - I´m on the rise!

Heaven´s Door performs a short barrage of 30 punches that deals 1 damage each. However, similiarly to Sticky Fingers, there is a 50% chance for every punch to transmute the enemy into a book, dealing additional 8.5 damage, making it one of the best barrages in the game.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

R - Ink Punch

The user swings their pen on the enemy, throwing ink on their eyes, the jabbing their stom…

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Noob019298 Noob019298 20 April 2021

KUMBAYAAA's Star Platinum


  • https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Platinum?commentId=4400000000000383223 here is the link to the original work, i did not change the damage or the seconds, i only changed some of the description
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FilipCerny2 FilipCerny2 16 April 2021

The World: Stone Ocean

The World: Stone ocean

How to obtain: Use DIO's Diary on the World with a 90% chance of getting TWOH and 10% chance of getting TWSO


E + Hold - Useless Useless!

Same as current TW's E

R - Muda chop

Chops the opponent's neck, dealing 25 damage and affecting bleeding.

Cooldown: 8 seconds.

T - You've gone pale!

Throws a single knife forward, dealing 25 damage and affecting bleeding.

Cooldown: 9 seconds.

Y - Blood Drain

Same as VTW's blood drain.

F - Every second seems like moments!

The user stole time for 35 seconds, however, only affecting an area of 15 studs. Incoming projectiles will be stopped.

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

R While in time stop - But strike/Projectile Reflection

Anyone caught in your times too will get impaled, dealing 35 damage and affec…

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VampiricOne VampiricOne 13 April 2021

Golden Wind Requiem

"you will never obtain truth...*

(this is difrent stand but similar to GER,GWR is from GioGio Bizzare adventure(ps2))

E-Muda barrage-Does 6.65 damage.

R-Muda strike-Same one as Ger

T-Snake creation-Ger creates life form snake that will follow opponent for 1 minute.

F-Awakening-your Attacks will increase in 2 times(you can be in awaken only 2 minutes)

Y-Life giver-You can heal your teammate either player or friend

Y+B-Self Heal-you heal yourself.

H-Life beams-You shoot a beam,if beam hits opponent he will be poisoned by scorpion.

V-Can you avoid destruction?-GWR punches it's opponent and starts barraging him until he loses.

P-Pose-You pose with GWR(pose music:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_zt3fxvYtI)

(Pose music when you're in awaken:https://www.yo…

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VampiricOne VampiricOne 12 April 2021

Tusk act 4 rework

"It's truly, truly been… a long roundabout path."

E-Barrage-Stand rush dealing-6 damage.

R-Ora strike-Heavy punch you can charge it similar to star platinum-normal damage deals - 45 ,charged:90(2x damage)

T-Rotating nail bullets-Nail bullets that will aimbot into you-Deals 13 damage.

Y-Wormhole nail bullet-similar to act 3 but you can shoot 3 nail bullets-Deals 12 damage.

F-Lesson Five-Tusk barrages opponent in air until opponent will lose it HP(you can use it only when you're low)

H-Nuclear Fission-Same as pre rework one.

V-Darkest Determination-Buffs damage for evry move and making them faster

Z-Nail Glide-The player places their hand on the ground and channels their spin energy, allowing them to glide across the floor for 8 seconds(when you hit…

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Cataclysmic Calamity Terra Cataclysmic Calamity Terra 11 April 2021

epic pro fortnite gamer

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Cataclysmic Calamity Terra Cataclysmic Calamity Terra 29 March 2021


Grabbed random images, a template, and this was made

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Fan made Gold Experience Rework

Health - 248.2

[Passive] - "This is your only path.."

Each damage you take, your life-related liability will increase by 0.8%. It will stop increasing once you've reached 25% health, increasing your life-related ability by 93.075 max.

[E + Hold] - Burst Barrage

GE throws 45 kicks forward at high speed.

  • Each kicks deals 3.5 damage
  • Cooldown 4 seconds

[V + E + Hold] - "A piece of shit like you?"

GE throws 28 punches forward, each punches inflicting a stackable 0.2 to 0.3 second stun which barely lets your target moves and slows down their attacks, basically what happened to Cioccolata in 7 page muda.

  • Each punches deals 2 damage
  • Doesn't bypass blocks but stun still stays
  • Cooldown 6 seconds

[Both V + E and E's Cooldown are li…

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FilipCerny2 FilipCerny2 29 March 2021

Metallica Idea

The neurons in my brain were nice enough to give me a Metallica idea so here it is

Passive A - Iron Meter

There is a brown-ish bar on the left side of your screen, symbolizing how much Iron there is in your blood. If you hover your cursor over someone, there will be the same bar but smaller on the down side of your screen.

Passive B - Bleeding Iron

Every move that causes bleeding will deplete the enemy´s Iron bar.

Q - Iron mode/Normal mode

In normal mode, you use the Iron from surrounding air and metallic objects to attack. However in iron mode you use the Iron from your own body to attack. All your moves will deal 10 more damage and have 1.5 seconds lower cooldown. Note: Only attacks that require the usage of Iron deplete the bar.

E + Hold - Cha…

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FilipCerny2 FilipCerny2 29 March 2021

My first blog post lol

Okay so I just spent 2 hours on making a Moody Blues idea and a VERY SMART AND POLITE moderator RUINED MY TWO HOURS OF WORK. However I have seen a lot of people make these posts on their blog so I made one. Basically I´ll post a Metallica idea here lol

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Gabonnie Gabonnie 27 March 2021


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YouJustGotNoobed YouJustGotNoobed 22 March 2021

Magician's Red: Rework

This is my fifth re-work of a stand. The re-work of this stand is Magician's Red. I got inspired by other people.

I took some moves from other games.

One more thing is that in my eyes, everybody has 1000 hp + their stands hp.

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Hp - 201

Stats: Stand user: Muhammad Avdol

DP-B Stand: Magician’s Red



Barrage type: Short-rush barrage

(This is a special type of barrage if E is double-tap really fast. Then Magician’s Red will do this special barrage.)


  1. Eternal Flames - Each punch does a burning effect. Does 2 dmg - every 1 sec per punch. Lasts for 6 secs. (Resets every single punch and cannot be stacked)
  2. Partial Immunity - Takes 25 less dmg from curses or effects
  3. Life Detector - A life detector follows you around, and sen…
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Gabonnie Gabonnie 18 March 2021

aye dont check

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Senoko Fenta Weebo Senoko Fenta Weebo 16 March 2021


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Cataclysmic Calamity Terra Cataclysmic Calamity Terra 14 March 2021

The Shard Creator

  • 1 Fan-made stand.
    • 1.1 Info
    • 1.2 Appearance
    • 1.3 Abilities
      • 1.3.1 Shard Creation
      • 1.3.2 Claws
      • 1.3.3 Shard Cannon
      • 1.3.4 Stick-on

The Shard Creator is a stand capable of creating shards through it’s mouth, or it’s cannon. The user is a person stuck within a ball of void. It cannot leave (except for the Stand).

The stand’s main colors are blue, green, and red. It’s most notable is that it has no torso. It is held up by strong veins. As for the head, it only has one eye, and the mouth for the top. The mouth has the ability to regurgitate shards.

Much like it’s name, it is capable of creating shards through it’s mouth. It can only create 10 however. The shards can be used in different ways, such as shield, or stabbing. The shards can only travel a certain distance be…

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Tamooom22 Tamooom22 14 March 2021

New concept Idea

So basically

what if there was a shiny for every stand?

it would seem akward but great

it would defeat the purpose of the shiny arrow really but it would be nice

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CamellaDoesStuff CamellaDoesStuff 14 March 2021



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Kaibacan Kaibacan 7 March 2021


i like eating cheese and getting spasms

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VampiricOne VampiricOne 4 March 2021

Star platinum Requiem.

"You're Done DIO!"

How to get:Use Star Power Arrow at Star platinum.


R-ORA strike-89 damage.

T-Stop Sign throw-SPR throws stop sign-damage changes due range.

Y-My stand is going to judge-SPR grabs Opponent and throws him at wall(doesn't works if you didn't select place to throw-Damage 90

F-You're done-SPR stops time for 7 secs.

G-Time stop override-you move in other time stop.

H-Beatdown-if both of your arms are covered in stars you can use beatdown.

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Scrambled2390 Scrambled2390 3 March 2021

Stand Tiers concept for ABDR!

I have yet another idea for ABDR! Stand Tiers! I'll explain this concept in this post, so read on!

You get Stand Tiers by getting stand XP, which you get by dealing damage to other players. When you get a stand it will start at tier one. 500 stand XP is required for tier two, 1000 XP is required for tier three, 1250 XP is required for tier 4 and 2000 XP is required for tier 5 (final).

At tier one, your stand will only have their barrage, barrage finisher (strong punch) and either their ultimate move (F move) or their T move, making them unviable for PvP. However do not worry as you can just ask a friend to come along so you can farm XP on them. 1 stand damage makes 1 XP, so barrages and high damage moves work very well for farming.

Tier two …

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ChillManOfficial ChillManOfficial 2 March 2021

(Custom Spec) The Showman / Emerald

  • 1 "I'm sorry, Jack, but you have become too dangerous." - The Showman, Employment at Emerald's (Showman, ショーマン)
    • 1.1 Summary
    • 1.2 Appearance
    • 1.3 Movesets/Abilities

The Showman, or Emerald as its proper name, is the non-canonical Spec representing Emerald, the owner of the Emerald Show, a Roblox entertainment group based on the Five Nights at Freddy's series.

This Spec is obtainable through using a Camera on Hamon. The Showman can also be obtained by using a Camera on Joseph Hamon.

Pose music: Ruler of Everything by Tally Hall.

The Showman modifies the appearance of the user, removing all their accessories and granting them a black top hat, a golden monocle, a cane, a bow-tie and a cloak to resemble the Showman himself. The accessories are made to resemble real …

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Noob019298 Noob019298 2 March 2021

Reworks made by KUMBAYAAA

This page is dedicated to the cool person, KUMBAYAAA. Also known as PerfectlyNamedXD.

last updated: 2:27 AM (GMT)

  • 1 phantom blood
  • 2 battle tendency
  • 3 stardust crusaderz
  • 4 diamond is breakable
  • 5 golden wind
  • 6 stone free
  • 7 steel ball
  • 8 jojo lion
  • 9 non canon standos
  • 10 non canon specs

https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Basic_Hamon?commentId=4400000000000514320 - Hamon Rework

https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Basic_Hamon?commentId=4400000000000514320&replyId=4400000000001530362 - Zeppeli and Jonathan's Hamon

https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Vampire?commentId=4400000000000488671 - Vampire Rework + DIO suggestion

https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Joseph_Hamon?commentId=4400000000000514849 - Joseph and Caesar's Hamon


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