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The content listed in the page has been removed.
The general public currently has no way to access the following feature, and related information may be outdated.


The Blacksmith Store was an area that you can gain access to by entering the tunnel near the beach. The store seems to be closed, the store looks like it is owned by an unknown entity or nobody. You can return to the store via going to the door.

When touching the tunnel, a cutscene will play of the player that touched the tunnel entering it.


The Store's overall are made out of stone, it has orange windows and a door made out of wood. Inside, we can see a table with the sign "Closed." Furthermore, there is an anvil with items like The Red Stone of Aja and a Vampire Mask (These items aren't interactable.) On the table's side, there is a thing that stores molten steel.


  • As of version 2.0.5i, it is no longer enterable through the tunnel.