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The Bizarre Arrow was an item that could be purchased for £420 cash/lire in Tim's Pawn Shop.

When used, the player will hold it up and stab themselves with the Bizarre Arrow if they have No Abilities/Standless. The player will then reset automatically, and receive any Stand or Spec in the game, excluding admin Stands/Specs and some evolved Stands.

The Bizarre Arrow was removed on 24/06/2021 alongside the data reset on the same day.


It has the appearance of a standard looking Arrow, with a golden and white head and fancy engravings, and some feathers at the bottom.

Its appearance is similar to Stand Arrows, with the only difference being that the Stand Arrow's head is entirely yellow.


  • Can only be bought in Tim's Pawn Shop for ₤420.
  • Can only be used on Standless.
  • Upon dying/resetting, you won't lose your Bizarre Arrow(s).

Rollable Stands/Specs

(All of the Stands/Specs have an equal chance of obtaining them, meaning that you have the same chance of getting Crazy Diamond and Made in Heaven) Press the "Expand" button to see the list


  • Added in version v3.0.3c/The Sandbox Update, along with the Shiny Arrow.


Audio Gallery

Upon using the Bizarre Arrow it will play this: