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"My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the resonating beat of my pulse! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!" - Jonathan Joestar (Jonasan Jōsutā, ジョナサン・ジョースター )


Basic Hamon is a spec that was mainly featured in both JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, in which it was used by several characters that were featured in the series. The moveset of Basic Hamon is mainly based and inspired off the character of Jonathan Joestar, the main protagonist of Phantom Blood.

This spec has a multitude of uses, allowing a wide variety of fighting styles and tactics. Vampires are naturally weak to this energy, but the Pillarmen have a resistance to it. This also applies in-game and works as a passive for the ability, as you will deal more or less damage to these other specs.

Basic Hamon can be obtained by using a Frog with No Abilities with a 7/8 chance (87.5%) or it can be bought from the Shop with a price of 20,000 Lire/Cash.


Just like most Specs, Basic Hamon does not have a physical appearance, only having visual effects when the user uses their abilities or movesets.

An example of this can be when Hamon Breathing (H) is used, a yellow-coloured aura can be seen forming and generating all over the player's body. Along with the aura, small yellow particles can also be seen alongside floating around the player.

This can be seen by anybody, including people who don't have stands. This applies to the Manga and Anime as well, since Basic Hamon can be seen by regular human beings.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Hamon Energy
On the left side of the screen, there is a gauge that represents your Hamon Energy. Hamon Energy goes down over time, causing the gauge to slowly go down, unless you restart the Breathing Technique. The more Hamon Energy the player has, more potent Basic Hamon's moves are.

The gauge takes 4.5 seconds to fully charge and 45 seconds to fully drain.

Passive B
Hamon User
All attacks deal 25% more damage toward Vampires. However, Basic Hamon deals 25% less damage to Pillar Men such as Santana or Kars.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Sendō Chop
The player performs a Hamon-infused chop at a quick speed after a brief windup. The more charge, the more of an effect it has. It deals ragdoll and knockback.
Great Strength
35 to 75~ damage
5 seconds
Hamon Overdrive Barrage
The player performs a barrage of moderately powerful, yet fast 80 Hamon-infused punches. On hit deals stun and very light knockback that helps keep the opponent in the barrage.
Superior Strength
3.5 to 4.5 damage
6 seconds
Scarlet Overdrive Strike
The player strikes the opponent with a fast left hook, dealing a hefty amount of damage and knocking the opponent back a fair distance.
Godly Strength
40 to 75 damage
10 seconds
Zoom Punch
The player uses Hamon to dislocate the joints in their right arm and extend it to strike the target with a superior punch (about 25 damage). In addition to being able to deal damage from a longer distance, anybody hit by this move will be pulled in towards the player.
Great Strength
30 to 65~ damage
8 seconds
Hamon Breathing
The user focuses and breathes carefully, producing Hamon energy and making it flow through their veins. This slowly charges your Hamon Energy meter. While using this move, the user's walkspeed slows down and their body emanates bright yellow particles.
No Damage
5 seconds
Hamonic Blade
The player pulls out Luck and Pluck, pulls it backward for a moment, then brings it down upon the opponent. Anyone struck by it is knocked back for a large amount and is dealt a godly amount of damage, giving you an extremely high advantage while fighting. This move has a lingering hit box, meaning the hit box lasts longer then it regularly should.
Superior Strength
35 to 107 damage
15 seconds
Hamon Infused Leap
The player will do a horizontal leap. It is a lot smaller than a normal stand leap but has a lower cool down. This can allow chasing others more precisely or using moves in the air. The higher your Hamon energy, the farther your Hamon Infused leap will travel. If your Hamon energy is higher than 10, your leap will go farther than a normal Hamon Infused Leap.
No Damage
8 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

Basic Hamon isn't the strongest ability and doesn't have the most options. However, it can be lethal even if your opponent knows how it works. You should be careful when fighting or using this spec. Hamonic Blade is a high damaging move with a good range and a short cooldown, making it your main damage output. To be able to win a fight, you must be able to use this attack at the right times while also not using it as soon as your cooldown finishes as chances are your opponent can predict it. The Hamonic Blade is also best used as a punisher, flinging your opponent away and dealing high damage.

This move is best used when your opponent is freaking out or when they go tunnel vision trying to kill you at low health. Zoom Punch is surprisingly useful to keep opponents at bay rather than bring them closer towards you. People will usually see this attack coming and fall back, so you can use this to scare people off. If it does land, you can combo into another attack, usually Hamonic Blade. Hamon infused leap is good for catching your opponent off guard and giving you the chance to do some damage, so don't think its just a tool for running. Consider using it at random times to try to attack or use it immediately after running away for the best effects. Its also useful for extending combos, though this is hard to do. Sunlight Yellow Overdrive is incredibly fast and shouldn't be ignored.

However, using this attack is a risk since unlike other barrages it doesn't have super armor so be careful. Use it from time to time to inflict a lot of damage quickly this has a big hitbox and a good damage output making it very useful against Bosses however you will inflict more damage to vampiric Bosses like Dio Brando or DIO. This is a great spec for beating vampires or VTW and STW. Scarlet Overdrive bypasses STW's counter so don't worry about STW teleporting behind you when using Scarlet Overdrive. Sendo Chop is extremely viable when your opponent is really close it has a high damage output.

When Hamon is fully charged you can 1 shot a STW if the Sendo Chop double hits but it has a chance to do it you can very rarely a triple hit with it making it a deadly combination against Stands/Specs that have almost the same durability as STW making it a deadly combo if used with F. This move can also be very useful when fighting Bosses because it has good damage output and not much knockback making it kind of easy to do a combo with it so don't worry about Bosses going away because of your knockback using Sendo Chop.

A good strategy for Basic Hamon is to hit-and-dodge. Because Basic Hamon can spam roll, you can easily dodge slow attacks. The key is to be very fast-paced in your moves. Never use Sunlight Yellow Overdrive to its maximum time. Use Scarlet Overdrive and Zoom Punch to fill the gaps between Hamonic Blade slices.

This is a good spec for fighting Dio Brando because of its Passive B. Best way to kill Dio Brando would be for you to get a friend with GER or SPOH and have them focus on Dio while you take out the minions.


Basic Hamon's attacks are extremely quick so you can punish people blindly attacking quite easily. Since your “stand leap“ is quick and sends you quite a bit forward, mobility shouldn't an issue for you allowing you to dodge or extend combos without much effort. If you want to charge your Hamon meter for a head start, block/pose to keep your energy.


  • T + E/R/Q.
  • F/R + T + E/Q.
  • R + F + T + E + Q.
  • E + R + F.
  • F + T.
  • F + Z + T + R + E.
  • T + F (Bring your opponent close to you with Zoom Punch before destroying them with The Sword of Luck and Pluck. Since it has such a large hitbox, it's hard to escape it. This is the combo you should be using most of the time)
  • T + R + Z + F (Bring your opponent close with Zoom Punch before smacking them away with Scarlet Overdrive. Do a Hamon Infused Leap to get close enough to land your Sword and send them to the moon. This move is harder to land considering Scarlet Overdrive's small hitbox so, hence the name, it is riskier to use and should only be used when you are confident it will hit. Also, you don't need to start the combo off with Zoom Punch and can instead just use Scarlet Overdrive.)
  • Z + F (use a punishing move against those blindly attacking you. Press F while falling from Z and come up behind them. This can easily be countered by a Vampiric or Pillarman dashes, but is a good method for countering moves)
  • E (Hold) + F + T.
  • Q + R + T + F.
  • H (Hold) + R + T + F
  • H (Optional) + R + T + E
  • H (Optional) + T + Q + F + E
  • H (Optional) + T + F + Z + R
  • T + Q + F + R
  • T + Q (walk forward so it hits twice) + R + F
  • H (Optional) +T+Q+R+Z+F

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Pretty short cooldowns on commonly used moves.
  • Decent movement if Hamon is charged.
  • Good for farming Dio Brando.


  • Mediocre defense.
  • Mediocre movement if Hamon is not charged.
  • F has a slow start-up, allowing an easy counter.
  • Hamon Breathing leaves you vulnerable.
  • No projectiles.


  • This spec only has 1 voiceline: "My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the resonating beat of my pulse!". It got removed once but was brought back in version 3.0.2f.
  • Basic Hamon's pose music is Sono Chi no Sadame, the intro music for Phantom Blood.
  • Basic Hamon used to cost 50,000 lire in the shop.
  • Hamon is Japanese for "Ripple" or "Breathing".
  • Using the Frog will be instant as it doesn't have an animation.
  • Basic Hamon's roll cooldown is shorter than other Stands / Specs. (1.3 seconds)
  • Basic Hamon hurts vampiric abilities (Vampire, Shadow The World and Vampiric The World) 25% more than others.
  • Basic Hamon Leap used to be spammable if the Hamon charge was over 10, but it was fixed along with Star Platinum (Stone Ocean)'s stand jump, as it was not meant to have such a short cooldown.
  • In a recent update, Basic Hamon got a massive but silent buff.