The Banknote is a stack of money bills wrapped in a band. Smaller than Rokakaka Fruit's, banknotes have a green and white color scheme surrounding its rectangular shape. Because of this, it makes it easier to spot. And is currently the easiest object to obtain.


Upon use, it will give 150 money. (Used to be 500)

  • Spawns every 45 seconds.
  • Doesn't despawn.
  • Money can be used to buy items.
  • The banknote can also be dropped to other players by pressing backspace, unlike Arrows or Rokakaka Fruits where you'd have to use the "!giveitem" command.
  • There is a 37.5% chance of getting this using a Trowel.
  • There is a glitch that can be used to become a ghost by picking up a banknote on the floor while holding it you become invisible to others around you
  • Trowel = 24 Banknotes
  • Spin = 67 Banknotes
  • Sword = 90 Banknotes
  • Hamon = 134 Banknotes
  • Shiny Sword = 200 Banknotes
  • Stand Storage 1 ≈ 167 Banknotes
  • Stand Storage 2 ≈ 334 Banknotes


You can pay people money by using the !pay command, !pay <player> <amount>. Example: !pay (player name) 101. However, you can only use this command if you give more than $100 to the player you want to pay/give the money to.


  • Notice: Only pay attention to the yellow circles, and ignore the others.



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