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The content on this page currently has an unknown status or is currently unreleased, but has been confirmed on official ABD sources, such as on its Trello or was last seen as a Sneak Peek in the ABD Discord Server. Until then, this page will be locked to prevent people from adding false information. Please also note that the information can be outdated/inaccurate, as we also do not have enough official information via official sources.

"Say hello to Bad Company, my invincible army!" - Keicho Nijimura (Nijimura Keichō , 虹村形兆)

Summary / Appearance

Bad Company is an unreleased stand revealed as a model sneak peek on the ABD Discord Server and was featured as the stand of Keicho Nijimura, a minor antagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

Bad Company is portrayed as little soldiers, with skin that appears metallic, in green uniforms, as well as green vehicles. In the sneak peak, the user/dummy is shown possessing 2 tanks, 2 military helicopters and 3 military/combat men.


Bad Company is a group of hand-held soldiers and war vehicles and is equipped as such.

The Green Berets have the same equipment as the soldiers, but with the addition of a rappelling rope which allows them to climb objects. The helicopters are armed with machine guns and missiles, and the tanks have scaled-down shells.

In addition, Bad Company is also equipped with land mines.


  • Bad Company is a reference to "Bad Company", an English hard rock supergroup.