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"Uh...huh? Hey, was this rock always here?" - Koichi Hirose's first time seeing the stone (Hirose Kōichi, 広瀬 康一)


The Angelo Stone is a stone found in Peaceful Park. So far, it has no real purpose, other than decoration.

Angelo Stone has the shape of a human face but in the form of a rock. It is weirdly shaped when in the form of a rock, as it has the form of Angelo (Anjuro Katagiri)'s face before his inevitable worse than death situation. Next to the stone is a sign saying "pls pay ur respects to angelo". During Christmas 2020, the sign changed to "its beginning to look a lot like chungsmas", and afterward it was changed to "the end is near".

Background Story

This stone is based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable when Josuke and Jotaro defeated Angelo, Crazy Diamond turned Angelo into the stone using its Restoration ability. Josuke fused him even further with the rock, effectively turning Angelo into a hideous statue that becomes a historical landmark for Morioh.


  • You used to be able to glitch inside the Angelo stone, but the developers fixed this. Attempting to will fling you away due to the inside being completely solid. Moves like Shadow The World's Stand-Off LMB or King Crimson's V would fling you.
  • The Angelo Stone was re-added back into the recent update of ABD on 25/6/20. It hasn't been clear if it will be removed again.
  • Since the 2.0.7b update, the sign has been misplaced high up in the air. This has been fixed in the 2.0.8 update.
  • The words "the end is near" may be a reference to ABD:R. Once it is released, ABD will eventually die.