This Ability, Item or Feature Has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game as it has been deleted, and probably will not be added back into the game in the near future, as it has been removed from the game either partially or entirely.


The only entrance to the airport is a wooden bridge. The Airport consist of a tower, another 1v1 Arena, and a runway. There are 3 Enhanced HoloDummies at the airport.



Airport arena
You get into the airport after crossing a bridge, the airport itself is pretty basic and has no special features.


The Airport tower is a very tall tower which has a lookout on its top. You can take dominance at the top.

Another 1v1 Arena:

Another 1v1 Arena is a version of the original 1v1 Arena but with a roof, which makes Stand Jump useless and the middle circle is gone.


  • Ahoy Hat at the top of the tower.
  • There are a lot of discs in the corner of the airport (You can use shift lock to see it or you can go in there with Erasure Shift).
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