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"I just gotta keep my distance! That's all! But my Aerosmith doesn't need to get close... to blow you to bits!" - Narancia Ghirga (Naranshia Giruga , ナランシアギルガ)


Aerosmith is an unreleased stand, revealed on the ABD Discord Server as a model and the stand of Narancia Ghirga , a major ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

The way to obtain this stand is currently unknown, as only the model was shown via official sources.


The Stand has the shape of a toy airplane with a small pilot in the cockpit.​​ 


Aerosmith is a powerful battle-oriented Stand possessing a wide array of powerful weaponry to destroy its enemies. The stand can detect carbon dioxide which makes it a great scout and radar.

Aerosmith is equipped with small machine guns on its wings shooting tracer bullets with infinite ammunition and a single bomb which it can drop on its enemies.

The tracer bullets are strong enough to shoot through a human body and the blades can cut easily through the skin.

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