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Admin stands.PNG

Admin/Developer Abilities are abilities that only developers/admins of the game have access to this specific type of ability, and is not obtainable to the public/players of ABD.

All admin/developer abilities are classed as godly on both PVP and rarity tier list, due to its sheer amount of power, overpowered abilities (like having no cooldowns on everything, infinite TE or TS and infinite damage on some attacks) and the fact that it is unobtainable makes it impossible to obtain, therefore defining its rarity.

Below are abilities that belong to the developers and creators of the game. However, only 7 were shown to the public. Whether or not another developer/admin abilities exist is unknown as of today, however, The Devil, Hierophant Red and The Eldritch Horror has been confirmed to be deleted. The World Greatest High (Admin) have been make available which is The World Greatest High, only with fewer features than the admin versions of it.

Admin/Developer Abilities