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"Hey! Want to buy something from my shop? I've got all sorts of stuff!" - Tom the Dummy (Tomudamī, トムダミー)


A Bizarre Shop was a short-lived stall located in the New Map. Close to Quiet Lake. Running it was an NPC merchant named Tom.

The stall also contains miscellaneous items, such as a Spidercola and a fancy radio, which constantly plays several different tracks at a low volume.

These displayed objects aren't for sale and will probably never be items. For items and their prices sold at this shop, click on Tom.

Item List 

These are the items that are currently sold at the Shop:

Tracks used 

Inside the shop, you could hear music playing because of an radio, here was a list of the current songs taken from the Trello of ABD:

Koi To Uso OP:

Yamada-Kun to nin 7 nin no Majo OP:

Black Clover OP 3 (Black Rover):

Black Rover swing cover:

Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko:

REOL - No Title:

Last Revenge:

Last Surprise:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme:

Harumachi Clover swing cover:



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