A Bizarre Pond

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A Bizarre Pond was located in front of the Sent_i NPC. Lakes don't usually have the name "Bizarre" in them, but this lake does.

As for when you stand on the lake, you will be floating on top of it. Spoon.PNG A Bizarre Pond is a peaceful place with 2 Cabins and a Lake. Inside of the Left Cabin, there is a big table.

On the Right Cabin, there is nothing besides small bricks that exist for no reason. This is possibly meant to be a "beta" version of A Bizarre Park.


  • "A Bizarre Pond" was used to be called "A Bizarre Lake."
  • Added in the 11/16/2019 Update
  • In the winter update, it was remade into ice.
  • This location was in D4C's dimension, but for unknown reasons, it was replaced by something else.
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