A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Not to be confused with Peaceful Park.


A Bizarre Park is an enormous place present in A Bizarre Day, with plenty of trees, and bushes. On one of the sides of the map, there are 2 small cabins. Further in the park, we have a deck.  

DIO's Coffin is located near one of the cabins. In the corners of the pack, we have little fountains and statues. 


The Water Well:

The water well is located in A Bizarre Park on the right-center of it. This has no particular use but people like to hide there or make DIO get stuck in there.

Hotdog Stand:

There is a hotdog stand near DIO's coffin, a stand with sausages, mustard, and ketchup. However, the stand is only there for decoration and cannot be interacted with.

Mysterious Cave:

A sealed off mine that contains a unknown entity, according to The Frightened Miner. There's a very familiar shiny red stone hidden behind the planks, can you find it?

Small Cabins:

In the Bizarre Park, there are 2 small cabins. One of them is upside down and has a Self-Aware Dummy. The other cabin has a table with lots of paper sheets.


3 towers are scattered throughout the park. Use them to your advantage or hide from danger.