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A Bizarre Day's Universe:

A Bizarre Day's Universe was created on December 31st, 2019 as a place to host ABD events. It is currently at 277.8K visits (as of 7/3/2020 [MM/DD/YY]). It was renamed "A Bizarre Day's Universe" on January 3rd, 2020. It is a midway version of A Bizarre Day, and not currently Up-To-Date with the new one.

You can click here to play the game.

A Bizarre Day's Universe Content:

A Bizarre Day's Universe currently contains a city with a new feature where you can pick an assortment of stands. These include:

DIO also spawns at a normal rate of 60 minutes in the Cave. DIO has a chance to drop a Vampire Mask (6/10), Diary (6/10) or a Camera (1/10)

Arrows and Rokakaka Fruits can also be found here, which spawn every 2 minutes and despawn every 10 minutes.

Banknotes do not spawn here, despite being a shop.

It is possible to obtain evolved stands and shinies, such as Shadow The World and Star Platinum: Over Heaven (OVA)

Some Deleted Stands are also available here, which include


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