This Ability, Item or Feature Has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game as it has been deleted, and probably will not be added back into the game in the near future, as it has been removed from the game either partially or entirely.


A Bizarre Cranny was a rework of Tom's Shack in the March 2020 map based on the Nook's Cranny of Animal Crossing.

Running it is an NPC merchant named Tom. Inside the shop, there's a couple of swords and a quaint little radio, which constantly plays several different tracks at a low volume.

The cranny was only around for a short amount of time until it was later replaced with Tom's Shack.



A Bizarre Cranny was a simple wood Cranny. On the sign, it has an Animal Crossing logo with the name of the cranny written on it's side, There's also a dirt path that leads to it.


There are 2 shelves with a Sword on them. Tom is also seen holding a Sword.


Inside the cranny, you could hear music playing from the radio. Here was a list of the songs taken from the Trello of ABD at the time of this cranny:

Koi To Uso OP:

Yamada-Kun to nin 7 nin no Majo OP:

Black Clover OP 3 (Black Rover):

Black Rover swing cover:

Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko:

REOL - No Title:

Last Revenge:

Last Surprise:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme:

Harumachi Clover swing cover:

Item List:

These are the items that were sold at the Cranny:


  • The Animal Crossing theme of the cranny is reinforced by Tim and Tom's names, which are identical to Timmy and Tommy who run the Nook's Cranny business. (From Animal Crossing)


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